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    Two adult female cresties - both previously bred, but not been with a male for around 2 years. Fed on black crickets and repashy, and have always had UVB throughout their lives. Collection from Hyde, Manchester. First is about 6 years old - £100 Second is 4.5years old - £125
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    We have for sale some of our babies from last year as well as some of our females. Babies are all from red x super dalmatian parents. Allgeckos are feeding well on Pangea Complete and livefood. More photos can be supplied if necessary. Pick up from Neston, Cheshire or couriered at the buyers...
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    Hey everyone! I have various Crested Geckos for sale from my collection. Things have changed a lot over the last year so I've made the difficult decision to re-home some of these guys. Adult 6 Year Old Male - No Tail - Harlequin - Proven Breeder Adult 3 Year Old Male - Tiger - Proven Breeder...
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    We have for sale four of our Crested Gecko hatchlings. They are all eating well on Pangea complete and roaches/crickets occasionally. They are all over 4 grams. Collection from Neston, Cheshire or couriered at the buyers expense and arrangement. These are the parents; Mum Dad For sale...
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    Euathlus sp "red" (Chilie Flame "red") (x2 Avaliable) £8 Each
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    2013 pair Male clown and female 100% het clown (with paperwork) bred by "Brins Balls" both just over 1000g, male stunning animal see pic, £950pair. 2012 Flame female was 1500g when last weighed (will get amore recent one soon) £350 All feeding well on defrosted rats.
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    Super excellent colour and markings to these Flame Royal Python babies, born on the 25th April 2014, they are feeding, shed and poo’s very well, they enjoy coming out and being handled.Approx. 1 ½ feet long, feeding on frozen/thawed rat pups, Current weights as follows: No. 1:Female, weight 83g...
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    CB13 cresties - they are too young to sex. All fed on black crickets and love repashy. All been kept with low level UV since birch. Collection from Hyde/Hattersley, Manchester. £40 £40 £30 £30
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    I have these for sale prices stated in pics these are unsexed but not got hooks or pedipalps sizes are legspan. Collection only from Redditch B98:2thumb:
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    Hi, am looking for one of the above as a first spider. Would preferably like a grown on one and female if possible. Must be close to Portsmouth as I don't drive! Thanks! Andy :mf_dribble:
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    I've decided to sell all of my geckos as unfortunately I no longer have the time. First up is a Flame. Healthy friendly girl. Around 4yrs. Fed on Repashy. Proven breeder. Has produced healthy offspring for the past 2 seasons. £75 Next up is my Harlequin. again, around 4yrs old & has...
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    I'm looking for any lesser balls, pastel, enchi, flame, butter.. Or a female pewter.. Pay top £££
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    Crestie babies - all between 4-6 months old, photos all taken last week. Would courier at buyers cost, get in touch if you have any questions :) LB1 - £45 LB2 - £25 LB3 - £30 LB4 - £40 LB5 - £35 LB6 - £25 LB7 - £40 ZA1 - £40 ZA2 - £35
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    Hi, I'm selling my CB12 crested geckos. They come with a full set up including 45x45x60 Exo Terra terrarium with background and an Exo Terra clamp lamp. The terrarium is in brilliant condition and the clamp lamp is less than a month old! First up is a suspected female harlequin weighing 32g...
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    Here we have my lovely year old male Flame Crestie. He eats Repashy and Locusts. Sheds and poos fine. handled daily. Lovely chap. Perfectly healthy. No spots. Collection from Hastings.
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    Due to unfortunate circumstances I have to let most of my reptile collection go so up for sale for now I have: Flame crested gecko and set up. The set up includes 30x30x45 exoterra compact top 3 month old 5% UVB bulb 3x plastic plants and flexible jungle vine. Can also come with a 6x11 inch...
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    Hello, My boyfriend and I are looking for a baby or young crested gecko in any orange or red morph. Markings not as important as a red or orange base colour. The younger the better as we would like to raise it. We are based in Kent but willing to travel to surrounding counties for pick up or pay...
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    I have for sale a male flame ball python. The pics on this post are from when he was a baby. He's in shed at the moment so if hes still around when he sheds i will take some pictures. Flame is a new line of the fire line. They are brighter than fires and there arnt many around, i had to give...
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    I have a few adult cresties for sale: Males: Adult Red & Cream Harlequin, proven £80 Adult Red Dalmation, not been bred yet £60 Females: Pinstripe (tailless), proven, £120 Marbley pattern, fires oranges and blues, more often browns though, £110 Red & Cream flame, not yet proven, slight nipped...
1-19 of 55 Results