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fly river turtle
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    Male Fly river turtle, approximately 16 inches carapace. Possible swap or offers for quick sale. Buyer collects and must have big tank. South east London.
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    Hi all, I have a Fly River Turtle and he seems to have some weird flesh growth within his nose. I've had him for over 5 years and never seen anything like it, he's probably about 7 years old. I'll try and get a photo but wondered if anyone had experienced this? I'm very concerned as obviously...
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    Hey folks, have a lovely fly river turtle who is about 11" from snout to tail (hard to get an accurate measurement but he's something like that!) He's a lovely healthy big boy with great personality, he'll watch you wherever you go in the room :) Really don't want to sell him, but I might be...
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    thought i would show you all this, this hero of a guy turned his basement into an aquarium. Fish fan Jack Heathcote turns cellar into Britain's biggest home aquarium | Mail Online he also has two Fly River Turtles in there, so thought it would be of interest to a few people! Enjoy
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    I would like to know if anyone knows of a fly river turtle breeding project in the UK (though hopefully England). thanks
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    Hello I have a wonderful female Fly River Turtle that I would like to sell. She is 10" in size and currently lives with other fish in a 6x2x2 aquarium. Please email me on [email protected] Truly exceptional pet, fully aquatic. Very friendly and can feed by hand. eats algae wafers and fresh...
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    Got in today from exams and heard a strange scraping noise coming from the middle room. Thought that it would be Ailsa (our grey cat recovering from her neutering) but I opened the door to the 2nd room and she was sitting staring across the room. It follow her gaze to see Heath (our rescue fly...
1-7 of 7 Results