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flying snake
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    Am very lucky to receive this psychotic, technicolour dream missile yesterday.. I think she is amazing! I dont think she feels the same about me.. (Sorry for crappy pics, she does not stop moving and I was shaking slightly.. Adrenaline obviously!..) Tom
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    I have recently purchased a ornate flying snake... loved her so much I ended up getting two more. All females so far. Currently looking into importing a male. That being said, I would love any input from anyone who has bred these snakes before. I'm from Canada and as far as my research shows no...
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    Flying snakes by *Culpeo-Fox on deviantART Snake in question is of the Chrysopelea genus The artist's comments include a link to a YT video showing flying snakes.
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    :welcome: I have a sexed pair of Ornate flying snakes for sale, believed to be (Chrysopelea Ornata) they were both originally wild caught but are in fantastic condition and fantastic feeders (never missed a feed in my care). Experienced snake keepers only please as these are rear fanged and will...
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    YouTube - Gliding snake awesome: victory:
1-5 of 5 Results