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  1. Habitat
    Can you guys link me some black, animal safe expanding foam for a terrarium background, thanks. :)
  2. Lizards
    :welcome: Started this project with my miss' for our Bearded dragon "REX" shes a little over a year old and her Viv seems a bit boring so I decided to spice it up a little. went out and brought a few supplied and we started. were having a lot of fun so far messy work lol. not finished yet but...
  3. Equipment Classifieds
    Have 2 brand new Exo Terra rock effect foam backgrounds still in original packaging 1x 45x45 1x 45x60 Asking for £7.50 each or take both for £10
  4. Lizards
    I recently moved out gargoyle gecko into its big enclosure (thread here). Everything seems great and he has settled in well. However there is a problem with the crickets and expanding foam. I top up the enclosure with crickets as and when is needed. The crickets have a tendency to go straight to...
  5. Amphibians
    So I originally planned on using gorilla glue on my backround, but there are some large gaps between the back of the tank and my cork bark that would take ages to fill in with gorilla glue considering it doesn't expand as much, so was planning on filling these in with a bit of expanding foam...
  6. Habitat
    Iv'e been looking into this for some time now. Watched a few youtube video's etc. Has anyone used Expanding foam to create there backgrounds etc? if so, has anyone used 'Touch 'n Foam Landscape Filler-Adhesive'? Landscape Exterior Filler - Black Foam - YouTube it says "Touch 'n Foam Landscape...
  7. Amphibians
    Ok I have just started sealing my foam with silicone. all I have done is put some on the foam and smear it all over it using my fingers (in gloves) I will add another coat then add some substrate on it before it sets off is this all I need to do? thanks
  8. Amphibians
    Would u use this in viv? Expanding Foam Filler 300ml - Fillers - Decorative Accessories -Decorating & Interiors - Wickes Just need some asap and might get this tomoz.
  9. Habitat
    Whats everyones thoughts I will be starting my first viv soon for darts and am towing with the idea of which way to go? I am looking at a waterfall feature too and again should I use expanding foam to make the channel or maybe just wood to direct the flow? thanks
  10. Lizards
    So i am going to maybe make a nice background for my future tokay enclosure and was thinking about the foam i will use. Now does the foam have to be specific? Everyone on the web uses the american great stuff foam but i cant get it in the uk so ny question is what foan should i use?
  11. Habitat
    Hello all, I'm in the process of creating a fake build for my corn snake vivarium. I plan to create a tree with branches coming from the trunk for the snake to climb up etc. My question is, what do you guys use to put over the expanding foam? Do you just paint it or do you cover it in grout...
  12. Lizards
    i am looking to make a background for my crested gecko and bearded dragon and was wondering what precations everyone has like what foams to usse and glues to use
  13. Amphibians
    I've seen a few people use the homebase brand? what are your thoughts and experiences? All advice is welcomed! : victory:
  14. Habitat
    Ahoy! Im in the throws of pimping a viv for my yemen male, keith. I got him in quite a sorry state. Bad bvd, really dehydrated, under weight minimal cover etc. I really didn't research enough before I had him and it's been a hell of a learning curve getting him back up to health. Thanks to...
  15. Habitat
    Hey Guys, I'm venturing into the world of Viv decoration and want to build a habitat with some hides etc out of styrofoam/polystyrene as one big feature. I imagine it will cover quite a bit of ground space in the viv with lots of space on top for my lizard to explore and chill out. As the...
  16. Habitat
    Just finished making a waterfall for my crestie, its going to sit ontop of a section of hydro balls in the viv. The pump tube fits in the slot at the back. The water goes down the bog wood and down the cork bark..... :2thumb:tell me what you think :2thumb:
  17. Lizards
    Which expanding foam is safe for cresties? Do i have to get a special brand? On all the labells it says harmful, toxic, fumes etc. I just went down to homebase picked a can and they told me i had be 21!! Is it really that dangerous?
  18. Habitat
    Good Morning All, I would like to build a background for my Beardie's viv. I'm not too keen on the poly idea as I know me building things will go wrong. I was talking to my dad about it and he said why not use expanding foam? I know a few people have used it on here and it gives great effects...
  19. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi Does anyone know how thick this is? I will be using it for 2 sides of my glass tank, and possibly the floor. Thanks Jamie
  20. Habitat
    how can i stopn the eating it???:whistling2:
1-20 of 20 Results