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for sale corn snake
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    I am having to sell my corn for a change in my circumstances. She is roughly 4ft 5'' and eats, sheds and poops as she should Excellent feeder Orange and black Comes with the following set up 1x large vivarium 1x hide 4x large pieces of shop brought treated wood 1x water dish 1xthermostat 1x...
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    Hi, just need a little bit of help with prices etc as unfortunately im selling my 2 corn snakes :( ive got a hypo lavender and an amenilistic, both are 5ft and in good health. I bought these 3 years ago so obviously prices have changed then, just wondering if anyone would have an idea of how...
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    Normal cb08 breeding pair with set up but will need seperating. Eats sheds and poos fine, great temperment. viv is only a month old (3ft) includes 2 hides large exo terra water bowl and plant also a heatmat Looking for quick sale. Will consider offers.
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    hey, got a lovely corn snake for sale, everything you need included. even some mice! really nice viv. shes incredibly tame, the pictures of her are from when she was young, they were taken in june but it gives you an idea of her. excellent eater. shes called brenda.... this can obviously be...
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    Have a 3 ft male ghost motley corn for sale exellent temperment and can be fussy eater. Want £40 as really need the cash first to see will buy pm me
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    For Sale - Carolina Corn Snake to good home, 9 months old, £60 ono, tank, bowl, log & heating mat included. Please email me if your interested on [email protected]
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    Hi all we are looking for a female corn. hoping for anything between 12 months up to 2/3 years, if older snakes are available then will also look at them too depending on the offer and snake. we are looking to put her with our male which is a cremsicle motley zigzag as seen in my profile picture...
1-7 of 7 Results