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  1. Exotic Mammals
    Hi, We are experienced exotic animal keepers, and have been looking for a fennec fox breeder for quite a while, but as yet have had no luck. We just seem to be finding scammers, one of which who actually messaged me yesterday to apologise for trying to scam me! Does anyone know who I could...
  2. Exotic Mammals
    I would like to buy a fennec fox in the future, once I'm all set... only problem is, I can't seem to find any breeders. Flashman Foxes appear to not be active anymore (the Contact link on their website is broken, as well as their Sign Up option). Could anybody point me in the right direction...
  3. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    So been let down on multiple occasions including places such as animals colleges for these 2 brothers to go to new homes! They are both a mix of red and silver foxes, mother - silver father -red DOB: 18/03/18 Can be a little skittish but show no signs of aggression and are getting better...
  4. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Red x silver fox kits 2 males DOB 18/03/18 been let down 3 times now due to timewasters £100 deposit required Both friendly no signs of aggression but can be skittish, both are doing everything they should, if you want pictures of them please don't hesitate to email me...
  5. Exotic Mammals
    Hi there, My partner and I would like to adopt a fox. Could someone point us in the right direction! We would like to meet and play with a fox before we decide to adopt it. ben
  6. Exotic Mammals
    Been looking for a fox breeder & i haven't had much success so if anyone can help me that would be much appreciated. Thanks :2thumb:
  7. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Raccoon Dog Babies, ready now and another litter ready soon, so can do unrelated pairs in normal colour or white. Reared with Mum and Dad for first 3 weeks but handled daily and then finished to hand, so very tame. Normal colour £250 and whites £500
  8. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Some beautiful baby sliver x red fox kits for sale Showing some colouration of whites and blondes already! Born: 11/03/17 Currently 4 weeks old and have their eyes open, exploring out of the den and on solid food Mother-silver fox Father- red fox Parents can be seen 5 females available 2...
  9. Wildlife
    Hi everyone My company is making a film called The Darkness of the Moor and we are seeking a red fox. It will only be needed for one shot and will be filmed on Dartmoor. Any of you have or know anyone with a tame fox that might be up for immortalising their fox in a film?? Expenses and fee...
  10. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    We have available. Hand Reared Young Male Corsac Foxes £700 We'll handled and friendly, professionally bred from unrelated parents. Delivery available anywhere subject to pre-agreed costs £ Sterling and € Euro's Accepted Can be reserved with a deposit and completed payment arrangement...
  11. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    We have beautiful pair of Fenec foxes female is pregnant so good investment. Are a little shy at first but are ok once settled. around 2 years old unrelated pair very nice. selling as we need space. 2600.00 for pair or close offer.
  12. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    1 x pair of fenec foxes and female is well into pregnancy we believe. Semi tame a little shy but come to you allow stroking etc no growling lovely pair of unrelated pet foxes. They are very playful. really nice pair of foxes with no vices and advantage we are told of babies soon. 4500.00 for...
  13. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    beautiful baby artic foxes available mixed colours unrelated pairs. All parent reared but been handled so very good natured.
  14. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Could anyone point me to a reliable fennec fox breeder or someone who could sell me one please? thank you
  15. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    I have one beautiful Fennec Fox Kit for sale. At the moment she is 5 weeks old, full of life, eating well and incredibly gorgeous! :flrt: A home check will be required and knowledge of Fennecs will be needed. Please message me for any details
  16. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Baby fox cubs need forever homes soon to start bonding 6 week old 3 male 2 female available living around dogs and other animals well handled.
  17. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Looking for a male corsac fox x
  18. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    These guys have a amazing nature and have been living around people and other animals such as cats and dogs so are well socialised and are very playful. All are wormed and ready to go. There are 2 males and 1 female available
  19. Exotic Mammals
    Just wondering what harnesses people use for their foxes or other exotics like raccoons, coatis etc. Our fox was originally trained in a cat harness, the standard type, same as used for rabbits, ferrets etc with one strap clipped around the neck and another clipped around the body. Once she...
  20. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Hey there, I'm looking for a Fennec Fox Kit, sex doesn't matter! Only interested in Fennecs as far as foxes go, however I would consider any other interesting animals you have to offer! Thanks! Kai
1-20 of 156 Results