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frozen rats
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    I have ten medium frozen rats for sale. Only a month old - bought in error (snake not quite big enough to eat them). I can deliver to many areas, and I will also be at Doncaster in November. Reply on this forum, or txt me on: 07482310136
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    I have some surplus frozen that I bred for my own snakes but my frezzer is getting full. All good sizes and good quality Weaner 30g / 90g 80p Small 90g / 150g £1.15 Medium 150g / 250g £1.30 Ex large 350g+ £2.20
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    as above please. Cheers Andy
  4. Food Classifieds
    I have loads of multis from just weaned to about 12 weeks old. Also rats from pups to large wiener size Everything is 50 pence each I can supply up to 100 of each. All are frozen produced by me and quality animals only selling as my freezer is full so I need to move some. Sorry collection...
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    New Website now up and running. For great quality, selection and a low price to match. We have all the frozen food you will need. We can ship direct to you or we are open for collection. Find us at: Thank you for your time. Simon & Tanya
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    Hi, I'm looking for a frozen mouse/rat breeder that can deliver locally to me please. We have 20 royals so will need big deliveries. Thank you!
  7. Equipment & Supplies
    Just had my first order off them....what a breath of fresh air compared to some of the suppliers out there! Everything from the first phone enquiry to - ordering - delivery went like clockwork. Everything was well packed and still frozen, standard delivery which turned up at 9am was a pleasant...
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    we have a large amount of weaner/ large weaner/ small adult rats for sale prices starting at 80p up to 400 available live rats prices start at £1 each for small weaners up to adult groups available with pups/ fuzzies.
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    I have for sale 20 frozen small adult rats. I bought these for one of my royals who will now only eat mice or multi's so these are now not needed and are taking up space in my freezer. Bought only 2 weeks ago perfect for royals, boas, large colubrids etc. I will sell all 20 for £13 but not...
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    hi there i have a surplus of frozen rats smal to medium and medium to large all mixed bags i have 3 carrier bags of frozen rats £20 there are at least 30 to a bag maybe more message for details i will not ship so its collection only
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    Large Rats - £1 each or all 24 for £20 Collect and cash only please Also have a small freezer for sale too £25 Buy all the rats and the freezer together for £40 Pics:
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    After a masive cull the freezer is overflowing again. Weaner rats - £0.50 each XL ex-breeder rats (300-600g+) - £2 each May be able to deliver locally by prior arrangement
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    For sale are 5 medium rats that I no longer need
  14. Food Classifieds
    I'm clearing out my freezer today and I have 8 frozen rats who are no longer necessary to my needs as all my adult royals are now wolfing down multis quite happily and don't give rats a second glance! Originally pet shop bought, only been frozen about 3 months and all seem to be good quality...
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    We carry a huge range of both UK Bred Frozen and Livefoods which we can deliver throughout the UK mainland. Simply follow the link above to review our full range of frozen foods. Our range includes, Frozen Mice and Rats in all sizes Frozen Day Old Chicks, in small packs upto 10kg boxes for...
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    I have just bought a lovely 6 foot common boa. I'm wondering if there are any reptile keepers in West or Central London who could supply me with 1 XL frozen rat every fortnight to feed him? Otherwise I will have to buy a small freezer and stock up! Thanks
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    I have down sized mt snake collection now and have frozen I no Longer have room for Large rats 170g £12 for 20 I have 200 Large mice £6 for 20 have 100 Have some other sizes I could let go at a good price if these are bought 07585605560
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    Frozen rats wanted. Can collect. I'm in between Chorley and Preston so close as possible Need 20 large rats 20 large weaners
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    Home grown frozen rats available due to having an excess 20-30g rats - £0.5 each 40-55g rats - £0.50 each 55-70g rats - £0.75 each 70-100g rats - £1 each Small quantities of other sizes maybe available
  20. Snakes
    Late last Wednesday night I place an order of 175 rats/nice with these guys hoping they'd be sent Thursday and arrive Friday. Got a phone call Thursday explaining they didn't want to risk sending and that the courier requests they don't send, anything frozen to arrive on Friday. This was...
1-20 of 55 Results