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frozen snake food
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    Bought these not realising how big they are lol Now there just taking up space in my freezer if anyone wants them your welcome to them Im in corby
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    Hi, bred so many rodents so are selling some off to make space. We may also consider swapping for livestock and equipment. Can do deals on Rat Pups, fluffs and weaners Mice Pinks, Small Adults, Adults and XL Adults Let me know what you need or what you have to offer and i'll get back to you...
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    Extra large rats over 300g A bag of 4 Large rats between 200g and 295g 10 Medium rats 6 Small rats 100g to 195g One pack of 18 One pack of 20 One pack of 25 Large weaner rats 60g to 95g 14 large weaners Weaners 25g to 60g 16 Fluff’s 17 fluff’s Pup’s 15 Have used some but not...
1-3 of 3 Results