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    Silver molly fry for sale, I have 25 to sell, they are two weeks old and can be taken as a lot, individulally or as many as you want. As of yet I don't know the ratio to male and female but can always answer that question if asked. Thanks
  2. Fish Keeping
    First and foremost, as a new member i wanna say HELLO! right, i got an issue with angelfish babies :( all of a sudden after 13 months of having them woke up to eggs on me filter from a pair of angels lol except, for love nor money i cannot keep the babies alive longer then 2 weeks lol, i've...
  3. Fish Keeping
    I just ordered a vivarium, for when my decorating is complete. I went to my fish tank to find that 2 of my convict cichlids have bunches of fry. Now, the new vivarium is going into the place where the fish tank was. But I don't know if I should move the fry? Because the tank is going downstairs...
  4. Fish Keeping
    just wondering if someone could tell me the best age/size to sell malawi fry ? thanx
  5. Fish Keeping
    Maybe I seem a little sentimental here :whistling2: , but I was wondering when to 'home'/move on my Albino Bristlenose plecostomids fry? They are still quite diddy, over 1cm, but wonder what people usually do.. Am hoping my lovely local fish supplier, Tyneside Aquatics : victory: will take...
  6. Fish Keeping
    Hey, i have a 2 and a half foot tank with platy amd molly fry in, there about 4months old now, they have all being fine and feed well and a water change is done every 10-14days, regular water tests are done and Ph ammonia nitrate and nitire levels are all normal, however i noticed last night...
  7. Fish Keeping
    Okay so in my 4ft community tank i have 4 angelfish, about 2 months ago i woke up one morning to find my two tatty rescue buddies had shacked up and laid about 200 eggs on the internal filter. Within the next ten minutes they were all gone. Alas, they have been busy again. Monday, i noticed the...
  8. Amphibian Classifieds
    Hi all :welcome: I have 14 white axolotl fry left to sell and find great new homes for. The first of the fry hatched on Feb 14th so are a nice size. Please contact me if you would like to know anymore, I have attached a picture of the parents and the fry themselves a few weeks ago. Thanks...
  9. Fish Keeping
    some pics of my discus fry, they are now about 10 days old of the cone and growing like weeds, they are now stating to take a nice shape to them, there is about 70-80 of them
  10. Fish Keeping
    i finaly got a good batch from my discus pair, parents are red turq and ring leopard, they had a few bad batches with only a few hatching and ate them as there was not many but now they have a batch of 80 fry approx that are a week old now and feeding like little pigs some pics, the pics are a...
  11. Fish Keeping
    hi, my platy gave birth 2days ago and i put the new fry with my other fry, only a few weeks old too, but so far 2 of my older fry have died, i look and there fine a hour later ones died, water change was done yesterday tested water all is ok, does anyone know if anything could be casuing it or...
  12. Fish Keeping
    Hey, my platy finally gave birth, can see about 8 fry atm, i dont think she is finished but my question is i already have some fry in a breeding trap that are about a month old, will they eat the new fry if i put them together? they wont be in there long as the mom will be put back in 3ft tank...
  13. Fish Keeping
    hi, i have a platy who ive left in my 28L tank as shes pregnant and the other fish have being moved to my newest set up in a 3ft tank, i cant put her in the breeding trap as i currently have fry in there, soon as she gives birth i will move her to the newest tank, save what fry i can, my problem...
  14. Fish Keeping
    How long will it take my fry to grow and start showing there colours Jimmy
  15. Fish Keeping
    Me and my boyfriend have had several succesful batches of fry from our females, the problem is, we want male fry but always get female fry. Does any one know how likely it is for males to be in the batch of fry or if there is any way to increase it? The batches were of 4-20 odd fry, from...
  16. Aquatics Classifieds
    baby guppy's moll's and swordtails for sale only 50p each range from 1 month - 3 months old all in good health
1-16 of 16 Results