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    The dogs enjoying the sun in the garden Storm having her mad 5 minutes Trigger wanting the ball back that Storm stole off him Task of the day: Getting a nice group picture Good job my lens is fast, because Storm got bored and decided to beat up Trigger Trigger doesn't mind posing...
  3. Fun
    A lil fun, I've not even had chub chub a month yet and I'm addicted to her ;u;. It's ironic that I keep drawing her with mealies when she has a major preference to crickets but ah well. Anywho, this doodle made me come up with an idea. Post, I have a problem and his/ her/ their name is _____...
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    Due to being single for the fist time in about 5 years I shall (finally) get to spend a wonderful day with my reps YAYYYYYY Barack and Michelle the agamas Thethil the corn Rachel my beautiful little Leo <3 She's too gorgeous not to have this one as well Gary the gargoyle Tony the...
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    Hey I was wondering if there was any fun things to do when feeding a bearded dragon, a strange example but like at the so they often fill balls up for animals and as they roll them around the food comes out if you know what I mean? Would a dragon be interested in that sort of thing? Thanks for...
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    Just a little fun:2thumb: If you could ask your snake one question and it would answer you, what question would you ask? only one question:whistling2:
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    Post something about the person above you. it can be anything you know about the what they may enjoy, pets, hobbies, personality.... You could get ideas from signatures and there threads. :2thumb:
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    So, today I took my bearded dragon just outside my front door, she is FOREVER starring out of the window so I thought, as the sun was shining today it'd be nice for her to soak some real sun rays. I was only out there for a few minutes because I didn't want her to freak out too much as I think...
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    I've been challenged by my little sister to a game of bigger and better. We're both starting with these little Captain America figures. (bigger and better, for those who don't know, is a trading game in which you start with a small, cheap object and trade it for something bigger and better -...
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    just a fun game. heres how it works. ^ you say something about the person above < you say something about yourself v you say something about the person that will post next. I'll go first. < Is stuffed with food! v likes cookies!
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    Making the best of the probably only dry(ish) day we're going to have from now on, we went for a nice walk along the stream. Here's Trigger enjoying playtime: Nothing like good splash Too fast for the camera (ok, I didn't set the shutter speed properly) Attempting to catch some fish One...
  12. Fun
    Hi everyone! So ive stolen a game from another forum (saxperience) Its the counting game but with a difference ;) Instead of typing the numbers, use a picture with the number on, can be anything at all aslong as its got the number on : victory: No banter just the number, I'll start off :2thumb:
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    Okay here's a little fun game. What we have to do is name a reptile within the alphabet letter. We will go on until we cannot name any more reptiles! E.g - A : Albino Snake Ill start! ---------------------- A : Albino Snake
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    Hi, might be the wrong section. If it is I am sorry but also thought that the fun section would be wrong. Sorry if this is the wrong section Today when I was in town there was a balloon making guy. I went up to him and asked if he makes lizards, and he said "no", but then he said he makes a...
  16. Snakes
    Hi Everyone :2thumb: The next Birmingham Reptile Enthusiasts Night will be on Wednesday 1st Febuary! This month, Arthur is going to be doing a breif 20 min talk on Tortoises! As usual this will be followed by light refreshmens and chat, at which point people will be able to get out the...
  17. Lizards
    Hi, I just thought that some people might like to see this Lizard plays games on Android phone video: Ant Smasher played with his tongue | Mail Online I think it is quite funny:lol2:
  18. Fun
    You know how this works, I say a statement and the next poster says whether its true/false etc... (and no doubt you naughty people will pop up with some crude remarks) The person below me has blue eyes.....
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    I've been working nights recently and this game has kept me occupied for hours. sunset dirt ride by dropkick
  20. Fun
    Take a look please - for BLISS; babies born too soon, too small, too sick. Royal Python Snake Skin Shed FOR CHARITY | eBay