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furcifer pardalis
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    I have male and female Ambilobe chameleons for sale. Bred by myself and raised under Arcadia T5 Uvbs, supplemented with Sticky tongue farms vits and mins. 12 weeks old, Females, £70.00 Males £140.00 These are in perfect health and ready for their new homes.
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    Hi I'm looking for a panther chameleon (Furcifer Pardalis). I've checked all my local shops, except one that I don't go to, but nobody seems to sell panthers. I don't want to travel too far as its not fair on the Lizard but wondered if anyone can suggest a breeder or supplier thanks.
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    I have a limited number of babies from the sire pictured. Please enquire for availability. £125 males £100 females. For more pics and info you can view my Facebook page "Krayzee Chamz".
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    Ambilobe Panther chameleon babies for sale. Unlike most in the uk these are pure Ambilobe and not crosses. Males £125 Females £75
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    For sale soon I have some baby Ambilobe Panther chameleon's. Most Panther chameleon locales the UK are crossed with other locales so you are unable to be sure of there origin or what they will look like. I have specifically chosen the parents of my babies to produce pure and stunning off...
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    Hello, I have baby blue bar Ambilobe chameleons for sale. Both males and females, all are around 3 months old and are ready to depart to a new home. They are all very healthy and eating like pigs. If interested then please PM me your email as I cant seem to upload any pictures as i have...
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    For Sale. I have few beautiful chameleons for sale. All come from a private breeder. Adult female Furcifer pardalis, (colour type- Sambava). She is 8 months old, never had eggs but she was kept with a male and probably will give some eggs soon. She is absolutely healthy, kept under UVA/UVB...
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    Hi Guys, For one month only :no1: Ambilobe males £110- 10 ready to go Ambilobe Females £100- 5 ready to go. This line is sired by Jaws,and has been producing both red and blue barred animals depending on the genetics of the females.:2thumb:
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    I am reluctantly selling my 1.2 Masoala Panther chameleons. These are WC that i bought in Feb 2011. Both females have bred once, laying a clutch each. They are in immaculate condition, having been wormed and cleared of any bacteria when i got them. The male is 51cm nose to tail and weighs 267g...
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    Hi guys, We have offspring available see here more details.. ready this week a few Nosy Ankarea's £160 each..:2thumb: Chameleoco - Chameleons available We have one male Tamatave 5-6 month s showing high red's £150. Cheers, Jamie
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    hi i have an adult male panther chameleon, i have had him since he was 2-3 months old. he was purchased as a nosy mitsio as a youngster but has turned out to be a combination of mitsio and another locale. he was purchased from a reptuable breeder who contacted me a few months later to let me...
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    Well after 10 months of paperwork and a lot of sleepless nights. We have done it!!! Chameleonworldmuji & Chameleoco has brought fresh blood into our collections,from the #1 chameleon topsites breeder, Vincent @ Screameleons.:no1: All the specimins were perfectly packaged and in tip top...
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    Hello, I have for sale my 1.1 unrelated Ankify from German lines. The male is 16 months old, the female is 15 months old. The female is a virgin and has not laid unfertile eggs as of yet but she is receptive now. I ask that they are collected from Hamm in September or they can be delivered to...
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    i have a few ambilobe panther chameleons left, they are all 4months and older, very big youngsters and well past the baby stage, eating dusted crickets, locusts, mealies, small morios (if i think they can handle them) pictures can be sent by email, sire to the babies is stunning and has to be...
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    Nosy Falys We have 5x Nosy Faly females available for sale,they are £175 each & were born christmas day:2thumb: Courier is available UK Nationwide & Ireland,with Steve @ For pics of parents see here, CHAMELEOCO Any questions feel free to pm us:welcome: cheers...
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    Hi Here is Arnie our blue bar ambilobe,bred by Lee Warren at millenium reps. Due to lack of space and new projects happening,Unfortunatly we are having to sell him. He is around 14/15 months old and perfect eater and proven breeder:2thumb: this is him here. Price:-£225 Pictures courtesy of Marc...
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    Hi would just like to share a few pictures that were taken at weekend by our friend Marc Ormond,and would like to thank him:no1:
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    Nosy Be Babies!! Hi we have limited Numbers of males and females ready from our 2010 march clutch:no1: Parents are unrelated and babies have shown high blue from hatching. Born:-15/03/10 Ready to go:-18/6/10 Size:-2-3 inch snout to vent weight:-3 - 3.5+grams Price:-£130 each males and...
1-18 of 19 Results