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    All feeding well had 4 feeds, ready to go next week, father was high expression fusion mother was dwarf salmon reduced pattern Dwarf Salmon poss fusion 1 £160 Mobile Photobucket Dwarf Salmon poss fusion 2 £160 Mobile Photobucket Dwarf Fusion Mobile Photobucket Dwarf boa Mobile Photobucket...
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    Ford Fusion 1.6, 5 door automatic in black. 41000k since new. Bought as a second car by my parents but is rarely used. Very good condition, bodywork is immaculate as is inside. Lovely to drive. No tyre kickers thanks.
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    Hi im looking to sell all my snakes as i no longer have the time they deserve i have a female baby royal normal with a 2 foot tank a little bitey when startled and can be jumpy. I also have a young brb thats a cracking snake with a 2.5 foot tank. next we have a male jungle caret python around 5...
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    Hi guys I was looking into a couple of dwarf boas mainly pastel but finding it hard to get info on them as im not 100% sure what they actually are. I know about a lot of the locales but the boas I was looking at are advertised as just pastel dwarf boas and pastel fusion boas? But what actually...
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    Re-doing a thread as the other one is full of bumps. :-) I have for sale a female CB10 hypo possible fusion boa originally bred by Marc Norrie. The sire was a dwarf pastel fusion boa and the dam was a salmon hypo boa. She eats weekly on small rats, she does everything as she should. I am...
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    A few pics of one of my 2010 Dwarf Pastel Fusions, these little Boas are saturated with colour! :mf_dribble:
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    These take a while to get there full colour , but they are certainly worth the wait , I think this fusion is looking very nice now even though it has plenty of colour to come Kev
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    Here are some updated photos of my female pastel fusion boa that I got from Marc Norrie on here Kev
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    I have 5.1 2010 dwarf pastel fusion Boas for sale, prices range from £150 - £175. These are Columbian BCI that have been selectively bred for a clean appearance, increased colour & reduced adult size. The adult female that delivered this litter was less than 5ft long! The rich pink/orange...
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    hi eveyone i am selling my 09 male n female dwarf pastle fusion boa's i only got these about 3/4 weeks ago but due to moving into a shared house and money is about to get real tight wasnt expecting to move so soon but things aint working out where i am now they both come with paper work from...
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    growing well eating small rats weekly,shed one piece every time pooing fine,male and female off marc norrie,excellent temperments and very healthy pair both around 3 to 3 and half foot long stunning colours on them and coming on nicey open to offers or swaps male quite pinky salmon coming...
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    Our Pastel Fusion Boa litter we had in July are doing very well. The colours on these Boas tend to take a year or so to come through properly. The 'baby grey' gradually disappears & the pinks & oranges intensify. Heres some pics of a few of them to show this colour change so far ...
1-12 of 12 Results