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    Okay so, has anyone ever tried keeping a chinese false cobra (bamboo false cobra), if so would it similar to keep the false water cobra? they're both honestly quite similar from a distance, mild venom, rear fanged, both look like cobras when defensive. I'm asking this because i heard someone...
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    1.1 CB15/16 False Water Cobra's. Female CB15 normal, male CB16 hypo. Not for beginners. £200 each or £360 for both.
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    I have 2 cb18 false water cobras Available. Both feeding on rat pups weekly, she’s and poop as should. These are both friendly, 1 can be a little quick when getting out but not aggressive. Collection hastings. Courier welcome. Pics below. £100ono each
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    I have a couple of unsexed CB18 False water cobras ready to go, feeding well on unscented pinks.
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    Unfortunately I'm having to part with my gorgeous male falsie due to my partner being terrified of him. He's a UK hypo and is to my knowledge at least three years old. Measures about 5.5ft so he's still got a bit of growing to do, but given the sperm plugs he likes to leave all over the place...
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    2015 Female false water cobra het hypo Has good days and grumpy days can be handled fine on good days. Has the biggest feeding response I have ever seen absolutely smashes wiener rats. poos and sheds fine just about 3ft long Very fast snake and rear-fanged will get large not a snake for...
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    This girl came from a het hypo to a hypo, i think shes hypo, shes a nice colour but im not sure so ill let her go for £100.
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    1.1 Yearling false waters, doing every thing they should. Can happily take them to September Donny if need be.
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    I am looking for a hypo/super false water cobra. Must be very young, hatchling preferably, i have a female hypo salmon het albino boa i am willing to trade or will pay cash if not. Please let me know if you have one or know someone who may. Thank You.
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    a reptile vet i know has written this excellent article on a recent surgery - apparently he has now had other cases reported, possibly a genetic problem?
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    I have the following for sale that I need to sell as soon as possible. I'm willing to do deals on multiples and I will also consider offers. No trades please. I am able to deliver within London, but can not deliver outside London. Couriers must be organised by buyers at their own expense...
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    Looking for a pair of cb13/12 or adults false water cobras, serious offers only please
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    1.0 fwc sub adult, well tempered beautiful snake, eats/sheds/poos as he should £85 to experienced home only
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    As the title suggests I am selling my adult pair of false water cobras as have decided to concentrate on my larger constrictors. They are twice proven. PM me for more details so to keep the thread clean. All pms replied to. Thanks, Rob.
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    I have 3 left for sale
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    I will be at doncaster reptile show with normal and hypo false water cobras. Normals £90 Hypos £150 BOth sexes available, all good feeders and shedders. CB Sept 2014
  17. Snake Pictures
    Doing a bit of cleaning today, so thought I'd take some photos of the animals before hand. Thanks for looking
  18. Snake Pictures
    Here we have the elusive Ramesses making an appearance in his waterbowl (after pushing all the water out). Sorry the photo is blurry, I was about to take another when he lunged at me and darted into a hide lol. Little Calypso going through some handling to hopefully turn her into a mellow...
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    Hi, My clutch of false water cobras are now ready for sale. All are eating/ pooing ok, and have some very fiery attitudes to suit! £80 each, or discounts on multiples or sexed pairs. Will only sell to over 18's experience with rear fanged snakes preferred,. Located in Basingstoke, Hampshire...
1-19 of 131 Results