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    For sale, Galaxy gear 1, perfect condition, works as it should, no marks on the screen or the bezel. Adjustable strap, comes boxed with instructions and charging cradle. Not interested in swaps, cash only please. thanks
  2. Off Topic Classifieds
    Im thinking of selling my Samsung Galaxy S4, i have had it for 2 months but i cant get used to it not being like the IPhone 5 therefor i am selling it,it comes Boxed complete with the USB charger,*Earphones (Never Used), 2 Brand new cases 1 black 1 white, aswell as an extra 8GB micro SD card to...
  3. Lizards
    am i right in thinking a galaxy leopard gecko is the same as a super snow eclipse(total eclipse) :2thumb:
  4. Snakes
    Looking to get myself one or two next year, does anyone know anyone who breeds/has any? I can't seem to find alot of info about them on the net. Thanks :)
  5. Off Topic Classifieds
    I am selling an as new Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile....fully boxed all accessories are unused. Open to any network. £280......ideally sell only but... would swap for an albino boa or pair of nice dwarf boa's etc oh or male get the drift lol
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    As title really, white version Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G and Wi-Fi, unlocked to any network, comes with official Samsung dock/charger station, boxed as is dock. 16gb version with a 16gb expansion in, screen perfect - only bought it just before Christmas for hubby but he isn't getting along with it...
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    up for sale is my samsung galaxy S2 16gb, it is an unwanted upgrade and comes with everything boxed it is locked to orange, but most phone shops will be able to unlock it for approx £20 these retail for £499, im askin for £325 posted or £320 collected from liverpool not looking for any...
  8. Off Topic Classifieds
    Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Android, Boxed as new with wifi & 3G. Any network, factory unlocked to any network. This is also a mobile phone as well as a tablet. Better than iPad because it plays Flash :) PM only please, may consider swaps
  9. Fish Keeping
    Hey, I bought this little guy about a year ago. He was sold as a galaxy plec but the salesman wasn't 100% sure, we just looked through a book and guessed, l024, I think. Could anybody confirm or identify this for me. I paid about 50 quid for him, I hope I wasn't ripped off. He's about 4 or...
  10. Lizards
    Anyone seen this? Ron sent out an email last night about them. Not sure what I think, but I like the whited-out faces... LEOPARDGECKO.COM | THE GALAXY
1-10 of 11 Results