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gargoyle geckos
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    wanted juvenile gargoyle geckos county durham are will travel within northeast:2thumb:
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    Wanted gargoyle geckos will collect within 30 miles newton aycliffe :2thumb:
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    i have a breeding pair of gargoyles both ubrelated and under 3 years old. Lovely markings on both and have a nice temprament.. they are proven pair, i havent had eggs yet from them in the 7 months ive had them but the male has been getting the female. due to my ill health and other personal...
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    Hey everyone, Simple question, At average how much does a Gargoyle set-up cost! All help is appreciated! Thanks, Jack.
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    So heres my 2 new Gargoyle Geckos..... Number 1 Number 2 I thought this one had bitten the other ones tail off at first glance, then I realised it was eating it's own shed :lol2:
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    KBN Reptiles in Coventry has been open nearly 6 months now, we stock a wide range of reptiles and currently have some great stock such as: Lizards Breeding pair of Desert Iguanas £150 Breeding pair of High Yellow phase Uromastyx £400 Adult Male Blue Tongue Skinks from £100 Adult Female Blue...
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    Hello I have for sale 4 baby Gargoyle Gecko`s. Their sex is unknown and they are all feeding and going toilet normally. PM me for specific details. £40 Regards Ben
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    anyone breeding gargoyle geckos in or around oxfordshire? I'm selling the majority of my corns and would like to check out set ups/husbandary and generally just have a chat before I commit.
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    i was happy to come home today and fine that my first ever gargoyle gecko eggs had hatch :2thumb: i am so happy and they look amazing :gasp: hope you like:blush:
  10. Breeding
    Got my 1st set of garg eggs layed woohoo Ben
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    Two stunning examples for sale here, they have both been housed together for life and one has original tail the other regen, but they get on fine and haven't nipped since young. Both were bred to a male a year or so go and were separated and still producing viable clutches, one possibly gravid...
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    These little stunners are the last of my 14yr old son Aidans 2010 Rhac hatchlings. They are all feeding well on Clarks diet and appropriatly sized livefood. They are all looking female at the moment but obviously at this size we cant guarantee their gender. Price is £45 each but discounts will...
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    I checked on the last two Rhacodactylus eggs from 2010 earlier on today, and was greeted by a pair of tiny Gargoyle Gecko hatchlings. One had just finished hatching. The other was poking its little head, still covered in yolk and albumen, out of its egg. These are the only ones from my original...
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    ok well i am looking to expand my crestie collection, and may be interested in gargoyles and other interesting geckos (no Leos, no beardies, and no large monitors) so thought i may as well link this ad here as i would consider trades against these for the said crestie wise i...
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    Striped gargoyle gecko hatchlings. Hatched end of August. feeding well on Repashy crested gecko diet. lovely markings and colours coming through £40 ea. Two have lost there tails, but will regenerate, these two are £30 ea.
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    Hatched between end of June and mid July, nicely grown on. Feeding on Repashy crested gecko diet.
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    Hi all, been looking at some Gargoyle geckos, but dont know much about them, do they need uv? also can someone confirm that tokays dont need uv? as have read conflicting things!! thanks all HAYLEY XX :blush:
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    looking for gargoyles in the south east, gatwick/ish area. can travel
21-39 of 42 Results