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garter snake

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    Link to original post: If you haven't read the post above then I'd recommend doing so. Basically, one of my eastern garter snake randomly started refusing food in late september and I made a post to...
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    Hi All, After spending some time researching snakes and some time reading on here and receiving some excellent advice, I'm looking for a Garter snake. This will be for my son to keep as his first snake. He's been busy for some time making sure he's got the information he needs to care well for...
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    I just joined today and I was looking for someone more experienced to tell me if I'm doing everything right. I have two garter snakes (Clover and Ember) in a 30 gallon low exo terra. The bigger snake is a female eastern and she is about 21" long, the smaller one is a male easter/checkered hybrid...
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    Hi all, i have for sale a pair of Lake Chapala Garter Snakes (semi aquatic) EU CB 5/9/16 comes with breeder paperwork for certification of origin (DR Steven Bol) reason for sale: wouldn't have the time to care for offspring so not in my breeding projects and feel like these animals are...
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    Have reached a crossroads with one of my garter snakes so thought I would ask for advice. General history of Geni: Captive bred 6 months when purchased Never been a great eater (had to dig up worms to start with) Bought a second who lives with her (no problems & big eater) Geni escaped at...
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    Young Florida Blue Garter snakes circa 12 inches long 4 available unsexed Please PM if interested
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    Looking for a young garter, possibly an unrelated pair. No preference on subspecies, though my favourites are Lake Zacapu and Lake Chapala garters. Can add one or a number of my available baby amel het anery corns as a trade if you would like!
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    Everything must go - leaving the hobby due to personal and family issues. No time wasters please, i will not split up and i won't knowingly sell up to money hungry breeders. Sex of the snakes is not known. Collection comprises; x1 albino obscura x11 virgatenuis 2 adult, 9 juvenile x4...
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    2 1/2 year old male, normal. Eating fluffs but accepts worms trout etc when offered. Any questions just ask cheers
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    As title healthy male normal checkered around 2.5yo a little hissy when 1st out but calms down and has never bit. Eating fluffs every week but will eat anything you give him like most ie worms, trout etc. I'll add pics later no swaps as im making room, cheers.
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    Hi, I am moving to another country therefore selling my beautiful plains garter snakes. Female is around 72 cm, male 64 cm long. Fed mainly on pinkies, sometimes on aquarium grown fish. Both healthy. Female £200, male £150, both £300 Snakes come with all the housing, transportation box...
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    1.3 CB 2016 available. Very small species, probably the first babies ever available of this rare mexican highland species.
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    Wanted: Female Plains Garter Snake (Thamnophis Radix) To pick up in Doncaster next month. Thanks in advance!
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    Wanted, various Garter Snakes. Not much else to say really :2thumb: P.m or comment, let me know what's available!
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    Long story short... have taken on a garter snake who I don't have much history on. m/f=? 2ft in length 2.5 months ago weighed 80g got treated for mites with frontline would not eat in the 2 months (in someone elses care) Did not shed in this time. Lost weight, is 38g. Weights 38g (has been...
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    Just putting feelers out there. We have one by way of rescue but they don't seem incredibly common in the UK!
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    Hello, Just looking for some advice please re my 3 year old Garter snake Kaa, who has suddenly got a major issue with eating. Just a bit of background- he's always eaten mice (fluffs) without problem. He is quite particular about it- he won't feed anywhere except for in his viv, likes to be...
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    looking for garter snakes. happy to trade against any of the following: X5 cb15 Taiwanese beauty snakes X8 cb15 Everglades rat snakes. X3 extreme reverse okeetee corn snakes 1.1 cb12 Everglades rat snakes prover pair female double clutched this year.
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    17 Baby Garter Snakes, 20 cm long, born 2 weeks ago. All shed, and are feeding/pooing fine. Thamnophis Eques Insperatus to give them their full name. Gorgeous blue/green colouring. I would accept £125 if you buy the whole group. Collection from Harrow HA2 6HU daytime or evenings. Please...
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    A very nice small sized Garter Snake that likes a vivarium with cocopeat and some light moist places. Feed on worms, but also smelt (fish) and pinkies. Gorgeous warm dark chocalat brown with yellow or yellow-orangy stripes on the body. Can bring to Doncaster in September.