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    CB18 Female Lake Chapala Mexican Gartersnake Grown-on Collection only - Reading, Berkshrie Asking price - £30 ono
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    I have for sale a pair of Lake Cuitzeo Gartersnakes (Thamnophis eques cuitzeoensis). They were bred by Steven Bol and are adult size and ready to breed this season after a cooling period. They are stunning snakes that are not often available and look amazing in a naturalistic viv setup. These...
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    Thamnophis elegans elegans, a subspecies that is rarely bred in Europe or the UK. Captive bred babies available for Donnie.
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    Gorgeous bluish white subspecies of Thamnophis eques originating from high elevation (2600 m) in Durango, Mexico. First time captive bred offspring of this subspecies is offered at a show in the UK. Come and check them out next week at the show. kind regards, Steven Bol
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    I will bring my last cb 2014 babies to Doncaster. Attached picture shows the father of 1 of the 2 litters. Come and check them out at my booth next weekend. Steven Bol
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    I will bring cb july 2014 (2 litters) to Doncaster next week. Feeding well on smelt. Come and check them out at my booth. Kind regards, Steven Bol
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    Thamnophis butleri is extremely rare in Europe and the UK. Very attractive little species. I have 1.3 of this very attractive species, cb may 2014 I will bring them Sunday September 28th to Doncaster. Steven Bol
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    Gorgeous melanistic Thamnophis melanogaster canescens for sale. CB june 2014. These snake are very intense shiny black. They may have a few scales with regular color, but normally way less then f.i. melanstic sirtalis sirtalis. Limited available, extremely rare. Check them out at the Doncaster...
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    I will bring beautifull light coloured Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis to Kempton Park. They are heterozygote for melanism. Kind regards, Steven
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    I will attend the show at Kempton Park and I will bring my collection of captive bred garter snakes and water snakes. Amongst others I will bring Thamnophis atratus atratus, a beautifull and rare Garter Snake from California, USA. All black with one very vivid yellow or orange dorsal stripe...
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    Coming sunday I will also bring to Doncaster: A litter of gorgeous light coloured Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis. The mother is a light coloured female from Michigan, USA with beautifull red coloration on the lateral stripe. The father is melanistic T.s.sirtalis from Pelee Island, Ontario, Canada...
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    I will bring these beauties to Doncaster in June provided they will start feeding well. I added a picture of dad. These garters are bron without a trace of red and develop the red over the course of 4-8 months. Born May 20th 2014. For more info check my site, Welcome at Steven Bol Gartersnakes...
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    Thamnophis marcianus marcianus this year's young born 13/01/14 all feeding well on my own recipe "Garter Grub" amazingly active little snakes
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    All Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis, eastern gartersnakes... For your info... All photo's have been published on our facebook already. If you're not a 'liker' yet... Drag you lazy ..... over there and stay up to date... ALL THE TIME!
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    We are offering for Doncaster, september 23rd only…. (would consider collection @ Snakeday in Holland as well). 2.5 Thamnophis melanogaster canescens (Mexican blackbellied gartersnake) Both males are captivebred 2010 in Holland, from unrelated F1 parents. One male has a dorsal stripe, the...
1-15 of 15 Results