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gecko and setup
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    £160 ono Leopard gecko and exo-terra 90cm length 47 cm height 45cm width with heat mat and habistat 300w thermostat , and light hood with two uv bulbs and two daylight bulbs and all décor in the vivarium wet hide and warm hide water bowl and calcium and nutrobol powder
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    male gargole gecko for sale 12 months old. Selling as im cutting my collection down. great shedder, eater ect. Can come with full settup for an extra £100. Photo to be uploaded soon Mob. 07456 001030
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    I have for sale 1 adult leopard gecko,he is male raptor possibly giant,roughly 6 years old weighing in at approx 90-95 grams,has lovely temperament,sheds well and never stops eating,as you can see he has very bold clear markings and full red eyes.He has produced many fine looking...
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    hi, ive got a juvenile gargoyle gecko, weighs about 14g eating cgd , super tame, eats whilst being handled! comes with a exo terra nano, stat, infa red bulb and unit, also comes with a bunch of spares, substrate, calcium powder,vits powder, bowls, plants, wood, looking for reasonable offers...
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    Good evening, I have a Leopard Gecko for sale, 14 months old and unsure of sex. Photos avail upon request (can't upload from my mobile, happy to email). Selling due to moving house and unable to take it with me. Collection only, Taunton Somerset. £40. Needs to be collected by Friday this...
  6. Lizards
    Hello im thinking of getting a crested gecko and dont really know anything about them. Any information on habitats etc would be much appreciated. :D
  7. Newbie Advice
    Hi I am setting up a viv for 2 cresties & have a few questions: 1, i have a viv that measures 2.5ft long, 1ft deep, 1.3ft high - would this be ok to house 2 Cresties?? 2, I have read mixed views on meat mats. Should i use one or not? My house generally gets quite warm anyway so im more4...
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    3 leos i believe are norm morph. 2 femalea and a male exo -terra set up with light,glow lamp and heat mat. beding ,water dish and cave
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    i av two tanks 6 geckos first is a female raptor 11 months old , two mack snows a banded and a strpe females , supper hypo female 15 months old , male tremper albino 15 months old and a high yellow male 11 months old make me offers on eny with or with out tanks
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    I want to give keeping a lizard a go. My carpet is a female 08 5 foot carpet python. She is a cross, I think coastal x something. Very tame, eats small rat every 10-14 days. Sheds well and poos well. Enjoys being out, handtame. I am interested in bearded dragons, green water dragons, geckos and...
  11. Lizards
    I have a a fan footed gecko in an old 3 foot fish tank, i want to make the environment more enriching for her but dont really know what sort of plants are safe to use with her? im also thinking of getting a male to go with her do you think the tank is large enough to house the both of them so...
  12. Lizards
    This is my first post so be nice everyone! I have read the caresheets on Geckos and made notes of the relevant parts. I have a Leopard Gecko & a Fat Tailed Gecko, which are in good health but which are slightly underweight. I would like some advice on feeding. I've taken Waxworms out of...
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    Crested Gecko Starter Kit only £29 - Home of Crested Geckos in Sussex Quick Delivery under "starter kits" What's Included.. Repashy Super Foods - Gecko Diet MRP 4oz Exo-Terra Faunarium Plastic Terrarium - Large Exo Terra Medium Silk Fiscus or...
1-13 of 13 Results