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  1. Lizards
    Hi guys! I’m just wondering if someone could tell me what morph of leopard gecko I have! I’ve had her for 4 months now and she’s starting to get orange on her tail right at the top before her back. I’m pretty sure she’s just a normal Wild Type gecko but the orange has me questioning it a little...
  2. Lizards
    Hi, I would like to confirm what the offspring from these 2 parent geckos (Albino Bell & Blizzard - according to breeder) should be. Parents: Offspring: 1 2 3 Thanks
  3. Lizards
    which morph is this and how much would i have to pay to get one like this?
  4. Lizard Care Sheets
    Hey guys! I was wondering what woud outcome of the hatchlings be if the male is patternless tremper albino and female is super hypo ??? Thanks in advance!
  5. Breeding
    I have a female and a young male Leo geckos,he is definitely male because he already has hemipenal bulges and pre anal pores.anyway the female is normal,and the male is super hypo.whatwill I get in terms of babies?
  6. Lizards
    Hey guys is the correct term for this little lady patternless?
  7. Lizards
    does anyone knows if this morph exists? i have a SHTCTB male and im going to have a hypo snow female for him hopefully to get creamsicles, and i thought if i breed creamsicle to creamsicle ill get 25% super snow SHTCT, or am i wrong?
  8. Genetics
    What Morph my Leo Gecko Please Also Eye pigment is bright Green eyes with snake/slit eyes. Thanks
  9. Lizards
    Hey guys I was doing some thinking, of course they are so many beautiful colours and patterns etc when it comes to Leopard Geckos, I was wondering what u guys all think of what are the must have Morphs??? I personally would love to get my hands on a Black Pearl just because they look so...
  10. Lizards
    Super snow x mack snow Giant Tremper Albino x Reverse Strip het albino
  11. Genetics
    Hi what morph is this gecko pic 2 Thanks
  12. Lizards
    I know another annoying what morph is my gecko thread! Just curious really. :) & I want to show him off, he's so affectionate and licky haha!
  13. Lizards
    Hey peeps just a quick one!! What morph is this?? Was told it's a bell albino but looking through some pics Im not 100% sure lol Cheers Rich
  14. Lizards
    hi i bought these 2 fat tailed gecko's last week, the pet shop told me they are albino's. i've been looking at pics on the internet and the amelanistic ones look the the same, whats the difference or are they the same?
  15. Lizards
    Hey, i was just wondering if somebody could help me ID my two Leopards Freddy and Sheila just out of curiosity, cheers . Sorry for the poor photo's i dont have a decent camera :bash: First Freddy And Sheila, Thank you .
  16. Lizards
    :welcome: Can you help im finding out what morphs are for 2 of my geckos? I have been told this one is a Eclipse: I have been told this one is a Reverse red stripe: Any Help will be great full. Thx. =]
1-17 of 17 Results