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gecko wanted
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    Looking to buy one or two Midnight Blizzards, male or female, any age. Can collect from most areas or will pay for courier. They will be part of a personal collection, not used for breeding. Thanks. :)
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    We have got a aborial vivarium from a neighbour, and was looking to see if anyone local is selling a crested gecko? Maximum I will pay is 50 as I can get on from pets at home for 49.99 that is half an hour walk. Please let me know.
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    Looking for a pair or trio of geckos ... Pref one year + as would like to breed in the future and my son likes to handle them and the young ones we have found to be very skittish. Not worried about the morph, plain is fine. We recently rescued some and they had cryptosporidium and we miss them...
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    Hi I am looking to buy a gecko for my son. I need something suitable for a novice to look after. Interested in anything from a youngster to adult. Like the sound of these day type geckos, robert merts, electric blues etc. We have just purchased a 45x45x30 viv but more than willing to...
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    Hiya I'm based In Essex will meet half way ect I'm after any gecko species tokay,cresties,leos,ect anything !! I've got sand boas,skinks,various snakes to swap so don't be shy get and pm me any offers Please pm only
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    Hello im looking for a male chinese cave gecko (Goniurosaurus hainanensis) and In good health. Im want one to go with my female please message if you do have one. Ashley
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    stenodactylus petrii wanted, willing to pay £20 each, preferably 2 females and 1 male. I am wanting to broaden my colony, already have 3 females and 1 male. willing to travel, cheers jason.
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    :welcome: Hiya I am looking for a fat tailed gecko, females please if there is any. I profer adults but will accept babies if the price is right and that they are lovely lookers. Would have to deliever as I do no drive... I have a male mack snow if people are interested in a swap. So please...
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    Looking 4 Male Fan Footed Gecko :2thumb: Anyone..? :lol:
  10. Lizards
    Anyone heading to the South west reptile show in holly court 21st of june with some crested geckos they're looking to sell to me ??? :D
1-10 of 11 Results