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    It is adjusted to Iphone display. bred by ROSSISM
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    When would be the best time to move my gargoyle gecko into his bioactive? I’ve heard a bunch of different opinions from 2weeks to 2months.
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    So, this is not mold, it's... like...the embryo (despite having a lot of space) decided to "push" the tip of the egg? I seriously don't know what it's going on there. The eggs where laid on October 28th (today it's November 2st here), by the same Tremper albino giant female who had a "egg...
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    Nothing fancy, but what a great timing for a name! She'll be called "Pumpkin" 🎃 Father: Giant Tremper albino. Mother: (regular size) SuperHipo Carrot tail. Cutest anger ever, click here: Screaming Pumpkin
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    Mack Snow Leopard Gecko - Proven Male (£60) Has produced some lovely babies, however we feel he would prefer a family home where he get more attention. More pictures here: Mack Snow Leopard Gecko by Hopeful Exotics - MorphMarket Europe Can be skittish when first picked up, but quickly...
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    I'm building a 90x90x45cm Exo Terra enclosure for a Leachie, but I'm not planning to get the Leachie until mid next year. Now my question, would it be okay to but a couple of Mourning Geckos in the enclosure? Is it possible for them to have "too much" space? If it is okay, how many would you put...
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    It is adjusted to Iphone display. bred by ROSSISM.
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    Hi, I have a baby leopard gecko called Smoky, who I got today, but I'm confused of how to get him to drink. I have purchased a food and water bowl for him but he has not showed interest in either. He has been eating the small silent crickets I laid out for him but nothing I put in the bowl and...
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    I have a seven month old fan footed gecko and I have so many questions! The main question I have at this moment is - my gecko went from a vibrant yellow to a dull greyish yellow. Is she about to shed? What signs do I look for when she’s about to shed? Do I keep feeding her? Any help is...
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    Hey. Can someone please give me some info on common house gecko. I have been researching them but haven't been able to find much info. What tank size? Is handling possible? Diet? How many should I keep together? Temperature? UVB? Any other special needs? Thanks so much
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    Making these 1.2 available as follows Male 100% Pinstripe Crestie (told lilly Exotics Lineage) 100 Female Brindle Dalmatian (Global Gecko lineage) 125 Female Harlequin (No known lineage) 75 All feeding well etc Located Lancashire, May be able to deliver or courier. can take to Kettering...
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    Hi again… lol So I bought this Diablo blanco about 3 weeks ago and was told he has one normal eye, one snake eye. However, I read somewhere about stuck shed or lesions on the eye which made me think about my baby’s odd eye. Please have a look at the pictures and let me know what you think it...
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    hi My leopard geckos poop is solid but seems flat. Is this normal? See photos attached.
  14. Lizards
    Hello, my gecko is about 6 months old, and i started feeding him myself so he can work for his food. I was using tweezers i usually do when feeding him, and when he bit the crickets on the tweezers, i believe he got the tweezers stuck in his mouth. I was finally able to get the tweezers tip...
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    Hi, I'm looking to buy either a single or a pair of gargoyle geckos. I can collect if not too far away. If anyone has any available could you pm me with details please. Thanks Kim
  16. Lizards
    (First post here! Not in the UK but this forum looks active) I have a gargoyle gecko who just turned 1yo on the 19th. And this past year has been so tough. I bought the lizard from what seemed to be a reputable and knowledgeable breeder and the gecko was about 2 months old and weighed 4 grams...
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    Dumb little me bought a montanus leopard gecko from a pet store. I’m not too sure how they’re any different from the normal, most common Leo but I was told she would be pale, larger than normal and that she was 3rd generation from the wild, meaning that she’d have less health problems. However...
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    I was told he is tremper something ? The girl got him from a breeder and could exactly recall. Some have said chocolate albino, some have said Mack snow tremper albino. He is 2 years old if that matters! Thank you. Also what should his name be ? 🦎
  20. Equipment & Supplies
    I have a 5 or 6-week old leopard gecko, it's my first reptile but I've pretty much learned all the basics. What I need now is for someone to tell me if there's a better way of doing some of these basic things. I want to make it clear, I know how to keep them alive, it's their quality of life...
1-20 of 500 Results