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    Hello i'm reaching out to all experienced phelsuma grandis owners about breeding information. I want to attempt to breed my giant day geckos and was looking for some advice on how to successfully breed them. I have several enclosures ready to prepare for the hatchlings and a few local reptile...
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    Hello I just recently purchased a Giant Day Gecko that I have in a 16 x16 x 24.5 inch terrarium. I keep the temperature at about 80 degrees with an 85 degree basking spot. My humidity is kept at around 75 % and I have eco fiber substrate as well as proper UVB lighting. I have several branches...
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    3/4 year old pair. Have bred. Large Vivexotic arboreal viv 36 x 48 x 18 inches. Buyer must collect.
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    cool little dwarf species males are blue with yellow head females brown. i have young available
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    Just wondering about lizards that do well in small enclosures (most likely small geckos but looking for any suggestions you have) i dont really want something super generic like a crested gecko, something abit more obscure but not like impossible to get a hold of.
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    I purchased these geckos to breed around 3 years ago. I have has some good success with them over this time and currently have both offspring and eggs. Im selling as I have learnt everything I can from them over this time and would like the space and money to start a new project. These are...
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    I have two holdback Cresties for sale, need to move them on now so low price. Parents are Extreme Harlequin x Harlequin Pinstripe. One is tailless. Both feeding on Repashy and small crickets. £10 each both for £15. Collection from Weston super Mare. Thanks
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    2x dwarf sand geckos with set up pm me on 07815038821 for pics and details Also have mourning geckos
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    Hi everyone, I am looking for hatchling day geckos. I am looking for blood blue color lines. Does anyone know of a breeder that has these?
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    Looking for a male to add to our group - bought a trio but turns out they're all females! Original breeder no longer has any more so looking for a single male - happy to use courier or can arrange for a friend to collect from any Doncaster shows.
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    Hi just wondered if anyone knows of any UK breeders or anyone looking to rehome any Uroplatus Sikorae (mossy leaf tail) geckos? Thanks for any help with this.
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    We have these three leo's currently for sale: 1.0 CB16 Eclipse het tremper & murphy’s patternless - £50 1.0 CB16 Snowflake proven breeder - £110 0.1 CB17 Bold Stripe Bell het eclipse - £70 Happy for collection or courier, preferred courier is Creature Courier Ltd. Can also arrange for any to...
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    Im looking for breeding groups of geckos or geckos up to the same value of my pygmy mulga monitor for a swap. I payed £300 for him a few months back I have him up for sale at £250. Must be able to deliver and collect
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    Phelsuma Laticauda Gold Dust Day Geckos 3-4 months old unsexed 3 for sale
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    Due to a relationship breakdown I'm having to move and i'm not able to have any pets with me. I'm looking to re home my 4 Leopard geckos all with set ups. 2 have been with me since they where hatchlings now 4 year old the other two i had given to me (more like dumped) by my friend a year ago...
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    Selling two female leopard geckos, approximately a year old. Originally from a breeder who kept all their breeder geckos in a single vivarium together all the time so they have totally unknown genetics. Would prefer them to go to pet only homes because of this. They came to me cohabbed and...
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    Looking for a snow or caramel albino pictus gecko... Male preferred but not essential! Will be at Donny this weekend, otherwise happy to collect or arrange courier. If outside of the UK, I do have friends attending Hamm in December who can collect on my behalf.
  19. IHS Doncaster
    Excited for this weekend's Doncaster show! We're stopping Saturday night as usual for a good social at the pub.. Then Sunday obviously we'll be running around collecting what we've prearranged (Female Pine Island Chahoua & 1.3 Strophurus Ciliris!) As well as scouting for anything else...
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    Looking for a small group of Mourning geckos, as near to Stoke-on-Trent as possible.. Thanks !