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gekko smithii
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    Gekko smithii: 1.1 CB adult pair, should be producing eggs this year, £150 for the pair 2 unsexed CB juvies, £60 each Gekko vittatus: 1.2 CB trio, the male is adult, two females got alittle more growing to do before they are ready to go in with the male. £200 for the trio Price does not...
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    I absolutely gutted to be having to let this girl go. She is an impressive gecko! I purchased her from Hamm after overestimating how much space I had back at home. Unfortunately my Tokay breeding project demands more space so I'm having to let her go. I am 99% sure she is WC but I have a...
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    Here we have a pair of Gekko smithii. They were captive bred by and purchased from Ingo Kober at Hamm. Ingo has been working with smithii for years and produces some stunning geckos. One is guaranteed male however the smaller one is being sold as unsexed. I am 90% sure it is female however I...
1-3 of 3 Results