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  1. Feeder
    how long does water gel last once ive added it to water is there a way to make a lot and maybe store it in acontainer in fridge or something thanx for any advice :2thumb:
  2. Feeder
    where can i buy cheap water gel crystals from?
  3. Lizards
    Hi All, Can anyone tell me what bug gel is and how its used. I want to use it on my meal worms.
  4. Food Classifieds
    Cheapest Water Gel Crystals on RFUK - Just add water! same as all the others....the only difference is the cost packaged in a resealable ziplock back and mailed in a Jiffy bag £2.60 for 50g inc postage £5.00 for 100g inc postage inquire for larger amounts great for crickets, beetles, roaches...
  5. Food Classifieds
    Water Gel Crystals * For Sale cheap price * selling water gel crystals in 50g's packets , at £3.50 inc P&P water gel crystals Are a safe and hygenic way of supplying water to your insects and live food.Just add water and watch the crystals swell,can be done as you need them or you can do it...
  6. Feeder
    Are there any user on here that sell this stuff. looking to get some for the roaches etc. cheers
  7. Lizards
    I need some help. I have ordered some repashy two part diet but until its delivered I only have the komodo CGD but everytime i try to mix is 1 part diet to two parts water it doesnt mix to a gel. Can some one give me some hints please ...
1-7 of 7 Results