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genetic stripe retic

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  1. Snakes
    Here's a few Pics To Update you all on my retics! Enjoy them All! Male Purple Sunfire Produced By Shane/SCConstrictors Female Sunfire Het Purple Produced By Shane/SCCONSTRICTORS My Female Motley Goldenchild Het Purple Produced By Sal My Male Motley Tiger Het Purple Produced By...
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    platinum genetic stripe reticulated python for sale, he is a proven breeder and is absolutely stunning having to sell due to certain circumstances questions will be asked before i agree the sale to ensure he is going to the right home, if you have any questions or want more pictures let me know...
  3. Snake Classifieds
    Some of the Dwarf and Super Dwarf retics we have available from our 2014 breeding season. All are feeding well on defrost rats and come with genetic paperwork. Well handled and socialised these make interesting and beautiful pets. If you need further info on Dwarf or Super Dwarf retics there is...
  4. Snakes
    As the title says, looking to get a female to replace the rather sick one bob sent me that later died from its problems. (Never buying Clarke line again) or if you have an older female and are thinking of letting go :p please let me know so I can start saving. Many thanks Josh
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    Approx 5-6 years old, Platinum 100% het g-stripe retic. Tame, eating shedding and doing everything as he should. Around 14ft-15ft Due to size i would prefer buyer to collect so I know who he is going to, however I will courier providing either I know you, or know someone who will vouch for...
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    Bred by us from our Dwarf Jampea Lavender male to our Genetic Stripe Het Albino female we have some Dwarf Albinos Het Genetic Stripe and Dwarf Double Het Albino Stripes. The albinos are very orange - apparently that is the Jampea influence and the hets too are very bright. Here is the sire a...
  7. Snake Classifieds
    2007 adult male dwarf genetic stripe, great feeder on jumbo rats....nervous disposition, but easy to work with for the more experienced, was tame but is now very flighty and will strike if messed around with too much or cornered, would very likely tame down again with some work and patience...
  8. Snake Pictures
    seen a few retic threads and thought it would be nice to get some pics of mine up, the pics of the albino tiger are quite old...but she hasn`t changed much (apart from grown a bit) my 2010 albino tiger girl my adult male genetic stripe just darkened up for a shed (have included a pic of...
  9. Snake Pictures
    my male dwarf genetic stripe shed last thought I would grab some snaps of him looking all spangly and shiney :no1::lol2:
  10. Snake Classifieds
    Evening All, After much thought i have decided to sell my lovley 08 male G-Stripe, as you can seee from the pics he is absolutley stunning, his was bred by pre historic pets and is around the 6ft mark, poops, sheads and handles fine, he does have a slight kink in his tail, which has been...
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    I am looking for a female Genetic stripe retic, Would love a tiger but I think im dreaming a bit there! I would prefer an animal of 2008 or earlier but If a younger one presents its self I won't say no. Serious sellers only as I am not messing around. Cheers, Scarlet
1-11 of 11 Results