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  1. Snakes
    Okay so I either just found a really rare snake or I'm super dumb and about to be called out for that. While herping in Maryland, USA I found a snake that at first appeared to be a garter snake but had some really weird features, it almost looked like you took a eastern garter snake, tinted it...
  2. Snakes
    I'm wondering what morphs are compatible with an orange glow other than another orange glow iv read several conflicting posts about what albinos are compatible and id rather not breed my orange glow to something that will only produce hets
  3. Breeding
    Hello guys. So as everyone already know that breeding a 66% poss het to a non het will produce offsprings that have 33% poss het, but i really dont know where this 33% come from? Is it just simple a multiplication or you write down 2 punnet square where one is the possibility of being het and...
  4. Genetics
    I am looking at starting to breed leopard geckos this year, I currently have two geckos that I am looking to pair : Male : Mack Snow Eclipse 100% Het Tremper ( Hatch Date 10/06/2018 ) Female : w/y Mack Snow Raptor (Hatch Date 26/06/2018 ) Just wondering if anyone could tell me what these two...
  5. Snakes
    Hello, I'm off to Doncaster tomorrow to hopefully get another Royal python. I have a male banana who has been the easiest little chap to own, I'd like another interesting morph. I'm aware that Spider morphs often exhibit a genetic disorder - corkscrewing in bad cases down to minor head wobbles...
  6. Snakes
    I would like to look into a breeding project with red blood python but theres not enough information online about goldeneyes. A super goldeneye is a magpie, a batik goldeneye is a pixel but how do you get a goldeneye? matrix ivory maybe?? help me out guys.
  7. Snakes
    So I was hoping for some suggestions. I've had snakes for few yrs now but recently decided to get some more to have a bit of fun breeding. This will be our first time breeding. I'm hoping for some suggestions as to what to pair him to. He's a Hypo Jungle Albino (Khal) Motley Columbian Boa (I...
  8. Snakes
    I'm new to figuring out how all these different genes work so any help would be greatly appreciated. Can anyone tell me the outcome of breeding a lavender albino tiger to an albino super tiger that's het for snow? Thanks!
  9. Snakes
    Hi folks, I am not very clued up on the genetics of milks and I was just wondering if someone could tell me the genetics of the apricots? Is it a naturally occurring type? Thanks!
  10. Genetics
    I think my leopard gecko is somewhat a lavender color not grey. Does this make the value go up or is it just "rare" and not priced higher?
  11. Genetics
    Hey could anyone help me with what leopard gecko to get? I have a male normal tangerine and I would like something to breed him with to get a bandit or something that I could make a good profit on. I don't know the background on my male. If someone could please help me
  12. Snakes
    Would I be correct in saying my male het albino if paired up with a female hypo het albino would produce pearls ???? Someone give me a slap if I'm totally incorrect.... Also hypo het albino paired to hypo het albino leaves you with the chance of red eyed leucys???
  13. Breeding
    Hi, Does anyone know what you would get from vanilla cream to superpastel ? I have checked the genetic calculator on WOB and it says 50% firefly 50% pastel vanilla. If that's right how would you get vanilla screams ? It does this alot when paring vanillas. I also tried vanilla cream x...
  14. Genetics
    I have a clutch of leopard geckos and I know what the majority of them are but one I don't. I will try and get a good picture on but none show what I need. The hatchling is a raptor but the skin is pink. All the pictures I have so far make it look white I'm trying to get a good picture but...
  15. Snakes
    Hi all, After abit of info on some boa morphs. Just got back into all this after awhile away and been offered some boas. 1.0 Visual Black Boa 0.2 100% Het Black Boa 1.1 Zero/Het Zero (can't remember if the guy said the Zero's where visual or hets) Been offered these for what I think is a...
  16. Genetics
    I feel so stupid for not knowing this already, but here goes, if I breed a female hypo stripe to a male anery I'd be hoping to get ghosts, would the hatchlings be normals het ghost or what? I'm struggling to understand, I've obviously never bred snakes before but Id love to be able to start my...
  17. Snakes
    Hi guys. I need a little help understanding the genetics of Hognose breeding. I have read this site and pretty much understand it. But I'm still have question that needs an answer, and I'm hope you guys will be able to help. Now, I know if you mix albino and axanthic it will give a 1 in 16...
  18. Snakes
    Hi this is stupid and has probably been answered before If I could be bothered to look (I can't :devil:) BUT.... If I was to breed one visual recessive morph to another (I don't plan on it) - e.g a caramel to a lavender, wouldn't I just get a load of normal het caramel and lavender? I'm sure...
  19. Genetics
    Hi all Newbie To the Group Here, I'm looking into trying to find out all the basic morph effects to create a poster (free) for anyone who wants such, But need to pick all your brains to do so. I'm looking for a list of as many as you know or all (link to site containing) the morphs and what...
  20. Genetics
    So if you saw my last thread it was that I was researching about possibly breeding corn snakes in maybe 1-2 years though I have also read about inbreeding in popular corn snake morphs due to the small gene pool caused by the creation of some morphs. This then brought me to think about...
1-20 of 187 Results