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    I have a lovely well tempered Yellow Geryi Female Uro and Occelated Female Uro that are about 3 years old and have lived together in a 3ft viv since they were tiny. Despite trying my best I just don't have the time for them anymore and would like them to go to a caring home as soon as...
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    How much woud you b uy a cb baby saharan for orangey red have some for sale but not yet will may have this year will next year just comment how much you think should sell at I havea rough idea
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    I do not really want to sell my uro, but he is being attacked by his companion, she is biting his tail and it isn't fair to him. I do not have the room to set up another 3ft viv so feel this is my only option. I was told that both my uro's were Geryi when I bought them, but I believe this to be...
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    I have recently hatched a clutch of Uros, they are too small/young for sale at the moment, but i am trying to establish what sort of interest there is for them at the moment. They are 1 week old today, and I wouldn' be looking to sell them on until they were at least 8 - 10 weeks old.
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    Red Geyri Uromastyx pair 7-8 months old 1 girl 1 boy Full set up Brand New 2ft viv in oak inc uv lighting & all heating, habistat thermostat, , food & water bowls, decor, substrate etc for 375.00 This will make the perfect pet for any new reptile keeper or experienced alike Please research...
1-5 of 5 Results