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    Hi guys :) Every now and then I've been thinking about throwing myself into the awesomeness of gecko keeping. I keep being drawn to Rhacodactylus Leachianus Henkeli specifically and wanted to hear how they are, from someone who might have some experience with them! :thumb: I would not be...
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    0.0.1 Pine island hatchling for sale. Ready in two weeks.
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    I have two Rhacodactylus leachianus henkeli for sale. One is just over 3 years old, one is 2 years 7 months. The older looks to be male and is currently weighing 105g. The younger looks to be female and is currently weighing 97g. I had planned to breed these in a year-ish if they turned out...
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    Hi All, I am looking for a New Caledonian Giant Gecko, ideally a hatchling as I want it to be able to be used to handling unless someone is downsizing a collection with an already well handled lizard. I am based between Oxford and London and I am able to drive to collect.
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    Parents - Moro Island female (170g) x big Pine Island male (225g). Hoping for eye catching colours from this mating and decent size. One baby available immediately £200. Two more due to hatch in around four weeks. It won't allow me to attach any pics (keeps saying jpgs are an invalid...
  7. Lizards
    From the age of 10 I had multiple 'exotic pets' up until about 4/5 years ago when I was 18 I got rid of my last reptile a 'yemen chameleon'. Since then I've had ago at marine fish and was successful.... for a short while, but now I'm in the financial position to have for me what I always wanted...
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    As title says i have 1 GT hatchling for sale. Pm me phone no. Or email for photos of gecko for sale and parents Cheers
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    Hi I have a adult male leachianus for sale or for swap lovely gecko beautiful colour and markings let me know if you would like to swap him for something just drop me a message same if you are looking to buy him drop me a message thank you
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    I have available a number of hatchling and juvenile M.chahoua and R.l.henkeli. Both species are sold as non locality specific offspring as their original locality data is unknown. All of the available geckos were bred at my facility and are feeding and growing well on a mix of Repashy super...
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    Bred by myself, pure Moro Island locale. £200, local pick up or courier available - I can arrange at buyers expense. Eating well on Pangea and Repashy Grubs and Fruit
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    I’m selling my pair of adult Leachis as I’m struggling to find the time to enjoy them at the moment. They’re both originally from Lilly Exotics, eat Repashy and are happy to be handled. Female 2008 pure Moro (Isle E) Leachianus henkeli - 180g Male 2009 pure Moro (Isle E) Leachianus...
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    Due to unforseen circumstances I have decied to sell my reptile collection. I have 2 unsexed juvenile Rhacodactylus leachianus henkeli of mixed locals. Feeding well on Repashy grubs and fruit and grwoning well. One is around a year and a half old and currently weighs 15g ( gecko on branch) the...
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    Hi I have a number of none locality specific henkeli available. All enquiries by PM thanks. Darren
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    Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis hatchlings available over next few weeks. Kept under Arcadia T5 lighting and dripper system Misted twice daily Fed on fruitflies, crickets, roaches, Repashy Supplemented with calcium carbonate and Nutrobal Reptile Vet checked Faecal checked with photo...
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    I am offering the last of my 2013 hatchling R.l.henkeli for sale. One is late hatch 2013 at 2 months old and £175 The second is a 4 month old a bit more grown on £215 Photograph is of the older animal at hatching. Enquiries for purchase via PM. Darren
  17. Lizard Pictures
    on my rounds to night and my troeger Mt koghis looked particulary dark this eve so took some pics. Only just a year old weighing 70g and just under 7 inches snout to vent Thanks for looking
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    im looking to get a leachianus gecko can i get any help here. big gecko lover n owner :flrt:
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    One beautiful male Leachie for sale 3 years old Approx 250g. Tolerates handling (never bitten) and a very strong, robust animal with a great appetite. £400 and absolutely no swaps except a tame young green tree python. Please don't offer anything else - the answer will be no.
  20. Lizard Care Sheets
    Hi, New to the forum, but wondered if anyone knows of a caresheet on here for Rhacodactylus Leachianus? I am looking at purchasing one in the near future but one thing that puts me off is all the info online about them being cage territorial / aggressive. We held one yesterday at specialist...
1-20 of 38 Results