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glass runners
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  1. Newbie Advice
    HI. i am looking for a company that sells these (they are glass runners that clip onto the wood rather transit on top of the wood, hope that makes sense) i know eBay sell then but its only for 15mm wood and not 18 mm (mines 18mm) any advice would be really appreciated. Also wheres the best place...
  2. Equipment Classifieds
    i did a massive order from an extrusion company and i will have the following surplus available in the next few days! no set prices just give me an offer on anything you want, all can be collected from me in bedford or i can work out the cost of a courier (this may mean shortening lengths to be...
  3. Snakes
    Anyone know where i can buy the glass runners that sit on top of glass??? like the one in the picture below.
  4. Habitat
    hi, going to be making some glass vivs in the next couple of weeks and would like to know where the cheapest place to buy black plastic glass runners and black plastic angle is? thanks, tom :)
  5. Equipment & Supplies
    Anyone know anywhere I can get some glass runners/vents similar to the ones used on the new vivexotic viv's
  6. Habitat
    What do people use to stick there plastic glass runners to there wooden vivs? I have used no more nails tape it's great and no mess but I have a few vivs to do so would cost a small fortune so was just woundering what other people use?
  7. Snakes
    Anyone know where i can get the plastic tracks the attach to all glass viavriums?
  8. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi anybody want to buy some glass runners 6 mm at £4.20 per 3mtr length for both top and bottom runners so this works out at £1.40 per mtr for both runners . i am considering making a bulk buy direct from manufacturer and i need to spread the cost, you will get these at cost price, i am making...
  9. Equipment & Supplies
    Can any body point me in the right direction for the vivexotic style glass runners in 18mm thickness for 4mm glass
  10. Equipment Classifieds
    I seen someone on here selling them the other day but can't find the thread, anyways I am after a 2ft one or 2 1ft ones, (strange size I know lol) message me please with a price.
  11. Habitat
    is this ok to use? its the only glue i have in the house and i wanna stick some glass runners into place. would this be a health risk to the reps when the viv reaches the required temps?
  12. Equipment Classifieds
    I am wanting some lenths of glass runners can any body help me out ith some you have for sale or were I can get some . 07706625918 ric
  13. Equipment Classifieds
    Wirral Vivz Unit 7, 36 Beechwood Drive, Beechwood, Prenton, Wirral CH43 7ZU Tel: 07905 838802 / 07732 474830 web: Wirral Vivz - **Special Offers** email : [email protected] As many of you know, I have been unable to use my Paypal account since June 2009 due to some scamming...
  14. Equipment Classifieds
    At the show i will have table with:- Glass runners 4mm & 6mm, various lengths to 3 meters - black/brown/silver Example - black 4mm runners for 4ft vivs £4, 10 pairs £30! Self adhesive glass handles - clear/black/silver Loads of vents from 50mm to 80mm - 50p each 10 for £4 Hole cutters for vents...
  15. Habitat
    I am building a viv stack and have just fitted the runners. so all i need now is the glass which i shall be getting next week. what size glass should i use for 4mm runners. shall i use 4mm or 3mm. Just unsure of whether 4mm will be too tight and 3mm will be too loose. Thanks in advance
  16. Snakes
    My adult female boa Milly loves to rearrange her vivarium. Last night I heard an almighty bang from her viv. On closer inspection I realised that she had wedged herself between her water bowl and the back of the viv, forcing the water bowl into the glass and dislodging the runners! It was lucky...
  17. General Herp Chat
    Hi, I've been trying to find 18mm rebated glass runners to suit 4mm glass, for a few vivs I'm building, does anyone know where to get these from. Thanks mark
  18. Habitat
    Hi Is it a good idea to get Glass Runners for the sides of the viv opening as well as the top and bottom? We have a Cornsnake and are aware they try to get out of the smallest, hence my question above. Thanks a lot.
  19. Equipment & Supplies
    I am building a large 5x4x3 viv and i am looking for some glass runners that can be screwed aswell as glued......there are metal ones available that have rollers for the glass to sit on but i'm f:censor:d if i can find them anywhere :blush: i made some brass showcases about 15yrs ago and used...
  20. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi i have a tank is storage at my brothers and needs shifting asap. Can be stood on side and used for a glass viv but will need some vents. Has had mice in it previously so may need re-sealing if wanted for fish and was gonna be used for python but opted for wooden viv. Cnt give exact...
1-20 of 20 Results