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goliath birdeater

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    Weta Hemideina crassidens £25/pair Asian forest scorpions £14 Egyptian predatory beetle Anthia sexmaculata £9.50 (2 only) Hissing cockroach Gromphadorhina portentosa £1 Princisia vanwaerbecki colony £1 Giant train millipede A. gigas £14 Israeli millipede A. Syriacus £12 or 5 for £50 V RARE...
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    Any stermi or blondi slings / juvenile about? Tia
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    Comes with a 2ft tank. £145, pick up only, from Birmingham.
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    true Goliath Birdeater wanted reasonable prices only please
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    The last few bits for sale. Juvenile female T.stirmi (Goliath Birdeater) approx. 5 inch legspan £80 - free P&P Sub adult female P.vitatta (Ghost ornamental - formerly P.pederseni) approx 6 inch legspan £45 Ault female H.gigas (Cameroon Baboon) approx 7 inch legspan £45 Adult female P.murinus...
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    Updated List....... Hi, I'm having a bit of a thin out of my collection so up for sale is the following.... 1.1 Poecilotheria regalis (Indian Ornimental) sub adult pair approx. 6inch legspan £60 Posted the pair. Will be ready to breed mid 2015 3.3 Pterinochilus marinus RFC (OBT's) large...
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    Hi, I'm having a bit of a thin out of my collection so up for sale is the following.... 1.1 Poecilotheria regalis (Indian Ornimental) sub adult pair approx. 6inch legspan £60 the pair. 3.3 Pterinochilus marinus RFC (OBT's) large juveniles approx. 3inch+ legspan (these are currently living...
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    Recently moulted,he's a big guy! Collection only
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    This months spider list: All prices are not only just for the tarantula but for a small exo terra tank (12"x12") substrate, water bowl and cork hides. If you have any questions or are wanting general advise please contact us on: 0115 9402093 or visit our website (
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    Fringed ornamental Poecilotheria ornata 2cm £6.50 Red rump Brachypelma vagans 1-2cm £2 Togo starburst Heteroscodra maculata 1cm £3.50 Burgundy goliath Theraphosa blondi 10-12cm LS juveniles £60 Salmon pink Lasiodora parahybana 6-7cm £15 OBT Pterinochilus murinus (RCF) 1-2cm £2.75 Peruvian...
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    For sale is a freshly MM Goliath only matured 2-3weeks ago and around 9-10" & eating large locust and the odd mouse every couple of months poos as normal. Never handle him just like my T's for show don't like to handle them. Open to offers and can deliver in Essex area only evenings though coz...
  12. Spiders and Inverts
    This may come across as a silly question to most of guys on here but can you actually feed these beasts birds? like a chick or something?
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    T.Stirmi for sale, believed female but not sexed by myself. Approx 5 inches at present. Price includes rmsd. would also be prepard to swap so try me, maybe a m.balfouri or p.metallica
  14. Spiders and Inverts
    hi im new to this forum and im after abit of advice please. i am looking to buy a burgundy goliath birdeater and the only ones i can find for sale are juvenile 8-10cm wild caught. so what im asking is will a wild caught be ok or should i stay clear and try to hold out for a captive bred if so...
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    Hi Looking for a Burgundy Goliath Birdeater (Theraphosa Stirmi) Sling Thanks Dave:)
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    Hey guys, I'm moving home from university now and i haven't got enough space for all my t's so the follow are for sale: MM RCF Chillie Rose = £15 delivered (1st class post - see posting details at the bottom) Unsexed 2inch Juvi Cobolt Blue (H.Lividum) = £18 Unsexed 2inch Juvi Indian...
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    Theraphosa Blondi (Goliath Birdeater) wanted prefer female :2thumb: with or without setup cash waiting can collect if in or near West Midlands : victory:
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    Hi, I have a female Goliath Birdeater (t. blondi) for sale or to swap. She was purchased from the Living Rainforest in N. Wales as a large sub/adult female. She is a bit bigger now so I guess you could describe her as a young adult. She eats like a horse and will not turn down any prey item...
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    6" T.Blondi for sale. Unsexed. Eats like a horse, so nice and fat. I will post, but I would prefer collection. £85 inc postage RMSD.
1-19 of 23 Results