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    I'm looking for a male Gonyosoma prasinum. Please let me know if you have one available. Thanks.
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    2012 Captive bred Proven Female Red tailed Green Racer / Rat Snake – Gonyosoma Oxycephalum. Absolutely stunning healthy large snake roughly 7.5ft+ and would make a great addition to any collection or if you have a adult male a great addition for breeding. For intermediate to experienced...
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    Finished these two vivariums over the last few weeks. Flying Gecko (Ptychozoon kuhli) on the left, Red Tailed Ratsnake (Gonyosoma oxycephalum) on the right. Both need to do some growing in.
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    Decided to sell my male as I lost my female a while back and have made the decision not to get another to pair him up. True CB in stunning condition, health and feeding weekly on large fuzzies/small mice. Currently around 2.5ft £110 collection from Darlington or Doncaster show (deposit...
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    CB12 Red Tailed Racer (Gonyosoma oxycephalum) Female £180
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    Male Green Gonyosoma oxycephalum for sale. £150 He's in mint condition, no marks, rub etc. Approximately 1.7m long. Can deliver for petrol money within 50 miles. Photos to follow
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    1.0 Red tailed racer. Silver with yellow head. Eats chicks, mice, and doesn't like people. Flawless example, no rub, or damage. £150
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    Wanted. Red tailed racer- Gonyosoma oxycephala. Male, female, green, silver. Any healthy animal considered. I already have a pair plus boigas, royals etc so have the experience to look after these bitey beauties. Please message me with what you have to offer thanks.
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    Hi all I have a genuine captive bred (born in Switzerland with paperwork) adult male redtail racer (Gonyosoma oxycephalum) for sale. I've had him since he was a hatchling, now around five feet long, feeds everytime on defrost adult mice. He is just coming out of cooling period now so ready for...
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    Gonyosoma oxycephalum / Red Tailed Rat Snake / Red Tailed Racer Stunning green female. Feeding on one rat fuzzy a week Hatched Late CB12 Collection From Shepton Mallet or i can possibly meet in Poole/Bournemouth in Dorset as i travel there monthly. Courier welcome too. (Made this new post as the...
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    Could anyone help me figure out what this is? My 1.1 pair of gonyosoma leave them all the time and they are very stinky. Looks mucousy. Thanks!
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    Hi I may have one or two unrelated pairs of genuinely captive bred Redtail racers (Gonyosoma oxycephalum) for sale in around a months time. They will be 7-12 weeks old by then and will be £150 each. Buyer can collect or I can courier for an additional £15. No time wasters or picture...
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    Hi all I have an LTC young female silver phase RedTail Racer (Gonyosoma oxycephala) for sale. She is around 3 feet long and so has plenty of growth left in her. She is the Javan silver phase, far rarer than the normal green phase. Ive attached an example pic of this phase. I have treated her...
1-14 of 15 Results