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    Various pythons and colubrids for sale Pick up from Basingstoke or Watford, or local delivery is possible, happy to courier. Will have tables at IHS Doncaster shows. Photos available via email, any questions please ask 1.0 = Male 0.1 = Female 1.0 CB14 Black Blood Python, Python curtus £200...
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    Eagerly gobbles up rats, gorgeous bright colouring and a proven female. £60 on collection from Norwich, Norfolk.
  3. Snakes
    Hi Odd one I know and not a lot about gophers online but I have my female gopher separated from the male as she was looking full and gravid. She shed last night and when I removed the skin from the tank it appeared to have an empty egg shell tied in to the shed. I know this was obviously the...
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    Hi, I have an unsexed, sub-adult Bull snake (Pituophis catenifer sayi) for sale. Beautiful snake, loads of character. Handles well and feeds without fail on rodents and chicks. Around 3-4ft long. Asking £40 but open to offers. Collection preferred from Carlisle, would consider courier at...
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    2012 1.1 Albino San Diego Gopher snakes for sale. Male is from Al Stotton's hi-red albino line with the female from his hi-yellow line... Feeding strongly on large mice / small rat weaners. Will be a nice breeding project for next year. Collection from the forthcoming show in Doncaster on...
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    Gorgeous Male Pine Snake for sale! Just over 4.5ft long, Eats, Sheds & Poos well. Is in need of a good home with an experienced handler. Selling due to increased work commitments. He is a little stroppy but this is just due to lack of handling time. No time waster please!
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    3.5 foot Male Albino Gopher Snake Not 100% sure on age but he's around 3.5 foot. Eats great and is very friendly. PM me for any details.
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    Male pituophis cantenifer annectens for sale. Gorgeous snake and lovely temperament - hardly a hiss to be heard! Collection from Darlington or will courier. £65
  9. Snakes
    ...more people in to Pituophis? (That's Gopher, Pine & Bull snakes to all you none scientificy name types) Just a few examples on this thread Some awesome morphs coming out of the States in the world of...
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    Seeing as it was such a nice day on Saturday i decided to get all of mine out to sunbathe and some had a dip in the pool too. First up was Pest, Hi red albino gopher who didn't want any sun and thought his cork bark was good enough! Next was Buda, my adult Applegate Gopher had a quick swim...
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    streamlining my collection to focus on pythons cb12 male albino het anery gopher snake, very defensive but beautiful snake. £50 firm cb11 male albino black rat snake. £50 firm will consider swaps for pythons. mbarrett81's Library | Photobucket
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    Hey guys and gals, After the break up of my relationship I am left with the unenviable task of parting with my scaley babies, all come with viv/ rub and are collection only. Offers welcome and please check out my other posts for lizards and other equipment male het albino royal weight...
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    Albino San Diego Gopher Snake Female CB August 2010 A Stunning snake pics don't do it justice does everything it should £70 for this one through if more than one snake is bought I will give a price reduction £10 None Refundable Deposit Required either through paypal or cash If Courier...
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    Common Boa Male About 4-5 foot Can Bite, Eating Guinea Pigs, Sheds and Poo's Fine. Think He Is A 2009 But Was Quite Small When We Got Him. £40.00 Abbarant King Snake, Sex Unsure, Unsure On Length, Hes A 2012. Eats Large Mice. Sheds And Poo's Fine. Likes To Rattle His Tail But Just Bluff...
  15. Exotic Mammals
    This is Bella Bella and Cahto (named after North American Tribes) my latest ground squirrels, they're the 4th and 5th squirrels I've kept and have arrived the tamest little things. Very sadly they came from a pet shop that had to close down - lucky for me they're now my latest babies, and...
  16. Exotic Mammals
    I should be getting a pair of 11 month old RGS next week or at some point in the near future, and though I've scoured as many websites and threads as I can in the past, there are a few things I still can't find definite answers on. For one, hibernation. I seem to be finding an equal amount of...
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    Thought we would show off a couple of our pituophis! first a gorgeous Pituophis catenifer annectens - albino gopher and a pituophis deppi jani - mexican pine :2thumb:
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    Two Gopher Snakes (not sure what type.) 1m, (right) 1fem. (left). Being advertised for my landlord/landlady. These two lovelies were left behind along with a debt after some uncaring soul moved out. We're not really snake lovers here as such so they need to go where they will...
1-19 of 55 Results