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  1. Breeding Loans
    Hi, I'm looking for the following males, preferably purchase and not on loan. Either SA or recently matured, must be willing to post or be located in South Devon. Psalmopoeus irminia Psalmopoeus cambridgei Psalmopoeus pulcher Gramastola rosea RCF Drop me a PM if you have any of the above for sale.
  2. Invert Classifieds
    Unsexed Nhandu Caropoensis 3.5 inch £25 Haitian Brown female 3inch £30 2x Grammostola pulchripes 2.5 inches, unsexed £20 each. RCF female grammastola rosea £20. 3.5 inches. Will post RMDS (extra) Thanks!
  3. Invert Classifieds
    i have around 40 rosea slings about 2cm each at the moment, pm me if you're interested thanks : victory:
  4. Spiders and Inverts
    I got her last month and last night she dug out a corner and webbed herself into it for the entire day. this morning i checked on her and it seems she has a fully rolled eggsac which she is stood over protecting, her butt also looks tiny now. having trouble with pictures but ill try get some up...
1-4 of 4 Results