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gray banded
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    Hello I have two complete set ups for sale or open to offers, due to the having lack of space in a new flat that I have moved into, I have one pueblan milk snake set up and one rescued gray banded king snake set up. I have owned both of these set ups for 12 years. Only doing this as it is for a...
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    Black Gap Dark Alterna Phase het hypo, possible het anery: Black Gap Light Alterna Phase het hypo, possible het anery: Dark Black Gap Blairs Phase: Wild Caught Female Dark Blairs Phase (My WC male is in shed) : River Road Alterna Phase:
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    Hi all So, I'm getting hooked into this. Our Brooks King Snake seems to be settling in nicely. And I'm window shopping for another King. What would you recommend, I'd prefer shorter adult snakes (so maybe males only?) since I want them all in vivs, and I'd rather have a few smaller vivs...
1-3 of 3 Results