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  1. Snakes
    hi everyone just purchased a Graziani Pastel Royal Python male and would like to find out any info about the Graziani Pastel morph itself i currently have 15 royals spiders lesser mojave pastel cinnomen pinstripe pair of 100% het pieds 100%het clown and 5 normals i can find info on all the other...
  2. Snake Pictures
    My new Graziani pastel, not 100% sure of sex as the place I got it from had never had it sexed (even though it is nearly 3 years old) but had an idea that it was male. (gonna probe in a couple of days once settled in a bit). So pleased, I love the pastel gene especially the blushing in the...
  3. Snakes
    both beautiful in different ways. Which line do you like more or do you care? I have no preference but then I'm not into breeding. Mine is the Graziana(front) and the other is my friends Nerd(back) Graziani on top Second coil Graziani
  4. Snake Pictures
    Hey guys! So this is the most resent addition to the family and currently my only snake! He's a nice 2011 male pastel from the Graziani line... What can people tell me about the history of this line? What's unique about them if anything? Also are small rats (approx 50g) right for him...
1-4 of 4 Results