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green anaconda
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    due to moving into a smaller space, I am having to cut down my collection a little in terms of species size, so unfortunately i have my male green anaconda up for grabs. He is a cb08, around 7ft, eating jumbo rats, absolute darling never shows any agression. I am looking to Sell this stunning...
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    hi peepz how big would a male green anaconda get on average? also what are their tempraments like? cheers
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    Male 7-8ft female 6-7ft amazing snakes call for details 07702296690
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    Good sized snakes with a great temperment!! Open to all offers text for instant respose 07702296690 these are big and dangerouse snakes please no idiots!! You will be refused sale thanks
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    7ft and 8ft male and female green anacondas for sale beautiful snakes call for info 07702296690 Pics by text thanks
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    Meet Clive my 2010 unsexed Green Anaconda, picked up yesterday from LnD exotics. Took a quick snap when cleaning out today, sorry about the quality but I'm letting him/her settle in, so didn't want to disturb him/her too much. So far has a great temperament seems very inquisitive and not snappy...
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    Hi Thought i would share some pics i took of my false water cobra and my green anaconda, i took them the other night when i had them out
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    for sale i have my green anaconda, she is 2 1/2 yrs old and abot 5ft and around 3.7kg. she is handleable as you can see by picture. in shed at the moment but still ok to handle. will swap for equipment and burm or W.H.Y? Jordan.
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    Put the green anaconda into bath after he pooed all over his tank and decided to take out into the garden for a mini adventure afterwards. Finally got the dslr out to take some decent pics before i took him back inside, but he seemed to enjoy himself loads, hope you all like :) Firstly the...
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    Here is a pic of my green anaconda in shed, i cant make my mind up if he looks grumpy or evil, what do you think? I cant wait till he sheds, hes gonna look awesome :)
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    for sale is a 2 harf foot green anaconda feeds ok and no to bad to hold
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    Just wondering how big a yearling green anaconda should be? I have been offered one for sale it is said to be around 9ft mark. I am unsure if this is a yearling, as I have heard anacondas grow slowly. Then again they are a big snake. I ask this because I want to get one but dont want to start...
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    iw as wonderen could people share some experiance with me about yellow anacondas and prices thanks
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    Pics of my new green and one of my young yellow, sorry bout the quality only got my phone just now
41-54 of 54 Results