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green anole
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    Hi, I'm looking for a female or a couple of females to go with my male. He has a large bedroom with plenty of lighting and heating. He has a good bedside manner and is desperate for company.
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    Yesterday I noticed my green anole had an odd bump(?) on her back. She's been grey for the last two days, but has been eating and acting otherwise normal. She seems to have developed black spots around/on the area, so it doesn't seem to be a normal thing.
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    Hi, Finally got to pick up my Male Green Anole from Porton pets today. He is stunning! Also my Mrs fell in love with a female Palm Gecko, so I got her aswell. They are both in the same tank just for now as wasn't planning on getting both. Have ordered a 18 x 18 x 36 eco terra and will put him in...
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    After 3 months of preparation and building bio active setup, I'm going to be picking up a male green anole from Porton this Saturday. I'm also after two females to but can't get hold of any. I've never bought from a shop before so this is a new experience for me and who knows what else I'll pick...
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    I need some advice with my Green Anole basking temps. They're housed in a 4ft high by 2ft wide by 2ft deep reptibreeze with perspex on 3 sides. They've got a uv bulb, plenty of foliage and a 100w basking bulb. I can't get the temp of the basking spot to stay at 85-90 degrees. Would you suggest...
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    Hi All, In the last couple of days, I have acquired 2 CWDs in such Bad condition, while cleaning out there vivarium I had noticed that the guy who I got them from also kept a Green Anole in there. I have never done any research about the Green Anole, I was just wondering if someone can point...
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    Selling this for my mom and dad. Exo Terra 90x45x60cm, live planted, bioactive substrate, 3 green anoles (1m 2f), t5 light unit, 2 exo terra domes (one with ceramic bulb one with basking bulb) pulse thermostat.
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    This week, I gave my Green Anole two waxworms (one on two different days) to try and help fatten him up a little since he was very skinny, and now I've noticed he hasn't really been eating his crickets. I fed him a worm on Monday and another on Wednesday along with 2ish crickets a day. It...
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    I'm having a bit of difficulty getting my Green Anole's humidity up in his tank. It's currently at 50% and I need to get it up. I have a screen top, and I started thinking that that is probably silly if I want to keep the humidity in, lol. But I'm using a coconut fibre substrate, lots of fake...
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    I have been to almost every reptile forum I can find tonight and still no answer ): But….I've found myself to be the lucky owner of a Green Anole! He was an unexpected birthday present, so you can only guess how well that went for his cage situation… I was given to him by my boyfriend and from...
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    Hi, I believe my green anole has laid an egg, but I'm a bit confused by its positioning. I have an Exo terra, with a foam background, and she has laid it on that, directly under where the UVB bulb shines. Is there any particular reason to this? Everywhere i've read mentions she will bury them.
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    Hi, I have two captive bred (bred by myself) Green Anole (Anolis Carolinensis) lizards for sale or swap. 1 bulky male of approx 8 months 1 smaller unsexed (possibly female) adolescent of 6 months Both are in excellent condition and eating/ shedding well. I would ideally like to swap them for...
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    Hi, I have two captive bred (bred by myself) Green Anole lizards for sale or swap- One male approx 7 months old in great condition & eating well, please see picture below- One unsexed (possibly female though can't guarantee yet) approx 5 months old, again in great condition & eating well...
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    Looking for some female green anoles in the north east but am also going to the doncaster meeting so wondered if anyone was planning on taking any there?
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    I have too many males now so I'm needing to let one go. In great condition and doing everything it should. Collection from Darlington. £5
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    hi i'm having to let this green anole go free to a good home as it keeps fighting with my other one, i bought it believing its female but been now been told its male. i'm up for offers as i need it re homed asap. fascinating lizards to keep and watch hunting, i have even hand fed this anole!
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    hi im having to sell this green anole as it keeps fighting with my other one, i bought it believing its female but been now been told its male. im up for offers as i need it rehomed asap. facinating lizards to keep and watch hunting, i have even hand fed this anole! heres some recent pics of the...
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    hi im having to sell 1 green anole, it was sold as a female but its started fighting with my male so im forced to sell it as i cant have him being stressed. im selling at a low price as i need it sold asap.
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    I'm new to the forum so Hey, how's it going? You good? Awesome. (Sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum) Jump straight in. I'm planning to start a behavioural study on green anoles in the next few weeks. I'm using Anoles just because there's plenty of citable research on them and...
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    Please tell me EVERYTHING I need to know and have to keep a green anole? Thanks!
21-40 of 85 Results