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green anole
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    Hi we have a green anole for sale not asking much as good starter lizards just £5.00 cheers
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    Just had an amazing experience with one of my new Green Anoles and thought i would share it. Apparently they are not a handling animal and instead are better suited as display pets. As suggested they are very fast & skittish so this made it even more rewarding for me tonight. I will try to do...
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    my two female green anoles have been sleeping all morning should i be worried ?
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    im am thinking of getting a anole but i dont know which one to get! green anole or a brown ?? : victory:
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    ...for my male green anole. Any suggestions would be appreciated and yes, he's definately a male :lol2:
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    I've been thinking of getting some green anoles, how do you find them? can you handle them at all?? are they good to watch??? whats your vivarium setup for them?? and do they need a very humid environment (e.g. waterfall) yes i know its alot of question but i can't decide what to put in my 45...
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    thinking of getting 2 tree frogs and 2 or 3 anoles in a 45 x 45 x 60, opinions needed????
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    Last week I purchased 4 Green Anoles, they have settled in nicely and my thoughts turned to maybe purchasing a 60 x45x60 Exo Terra to A) Give them more space and B) To make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Yesterday I managed to get a 60x45x60 Exo Terra, along with new habistat dimming...
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    Hi all does anybody know where I can get a young male and female green anole from? I know Triple 8 Reptiles have them in stock and Blue Lizard Reptiles have 1 lizard left, but wondered if there's any other online stockists/breeders that will ship them at a reasonable price It seems bizarre...
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    this is my first that i have ever had, and i was wondering if anyone had any info on how 2 care 4 one. i really need help.:2thumb:
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    Hello, Have for rehome two animals, one being a female green anole and the second a fire bellied toad. Story behind them: The anole was part of a wild caught trio I rescued, the first one had already died when I picked them up and the male went a couple months ago. Female has been doing fine...
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    Recentley bought a green anole (6 months old?) to go with another recentley bought green anole (4 yrs old approx) when cleaning out viv for first time after having both for 4 weeks discovered at first glance what appeared to be a salamander like small thing, but since then have seen on the glass...
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    Hi I was wondering if i could house GREEN and BROWN anoles together.........has anybody done this successfully before?!?!?! Cheers Stu
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    An old friend of mine is asking me questions on behalf of one of her friends, and I'd just like some clarification and a bit of help, if possible, please :) A green anole was taken from the wild and put into this friend's vivarium in a biology class about a week ago. Age is unknown, as is sex...
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    I know some people may seem a bit tense about the subject of mixing species but I was just wondering if it was a suitable thing to do. I do have experience with reptlies and especially with geckos so I'm not a beginner when it comes to these things. Basically I was planning on getting a pair of...
  17. Lizards exo terra canopy for my 18"x18"x24" exo terra.going to put some anoles and live plants in.what i need to know is to what lights to put in a dual one?only asking as they say 26w that for each bulb?does this mean none of exo terra's compact basking spot?im very confused!lol
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    I've been keeping my group of Green Anoles for around 2 years now and they have bred before but sadly none of the hatchlings have survived although they were eating and drinking and the conditions were appropriate. I recently discovered a new little one in the tank whilst misting them. should i...
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    Hi i currently keep Rankins Dragons but have a spare 3 foot viv and was wondering what other reptiles i could keep in a viv that size. I do not want anything too big that would need to be upgraded to a larger home as i just don't have the space but if i did i would love a ackies monitor...
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    Hello, Do you green anoles need uva light???
61-80 of 85 Results