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green burm
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    selling male green Burmese python hes cb13 around 3 foot very tame and good to handle will be open to swaps message what u av can send pics by email pick up Preston lancs
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    big thanks to Rick for this fella! really pleased with him!....lovely example! and perfect for my future plans with the burms!...
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    Back up for sale is my female green Burmese python, poss het albino and granit!!! she's roughly 3.5ft 2011 she was a slow starter, and scared of bigger food, but catching up on size now Bit hissy at first but has never struck or bitten! Loves coming out and is a stunning example! She eats...
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    Came out for a play :) enjoy :2thumb:
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    Right I'm doing a new thread for this guy as last 1 was getting a bit long if my new "female" Albino Green proves to actually be MALE which I suspect he will :bash: I will consider letting this guy go for £350...... Yes I am quite mad :gasp: I won't know until sat as that's when I will have...
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    All details can be found here £400 if collected by Sunday cheers Lee
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    Not 100% sure I want to do this but I'm thinking of selling my 05 adult green burm, he's pretty much perfect in everyway eats sheds and poops fine, he's about 10 maybe 11ft and has a nice health girth to him. He's as tame as u can expect from a big snake (obviously never to be trusted fully) but...
1-7 of 7 Results