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green cat eyed snake
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    Beautiful Green Cat Eyed snake for sale. Around 8 years old. Feeds on weener rat. Approx 6 foot in length Healthy condition with no previous ailments known. Owned for 4 years EXPERIENCED KEEPERS ONLY PLEASE - not drastically aggressive but has potential. Will sell the vivarium complete with...
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    Hi there, I have a couple of males CB Boiga cyanea surplus to requirement: One CB 2009 young adult male, would make ideal breeder. In top condition. Good feeder on adult mice. £200 One CB 2010. Subadult male, very nice markings. A little bit young for breeding purposes but would make a...
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    Don't disturb him very often, but thought I would utilise the new camera and take a couple of pictures (I finally bought one...) He is coming into shed and is starting to look washed out, but is still a cracking little fella he will hopefully start looking green soon!
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    Due to moving to London next Saturday I am having to sell my animals urgently ... 2.1 Amazon tree boas £120 for all of them 2.0 Green cat eyed snakes £100 each or the two for £180 Cheers
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    2 x Boiga cyanea up for grabs. Both are males, one is an adult and the other is an 09 baby. £120 each. PM for details.
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    hi everyone, we are looking into getting a green cat eyed snake. they are so pretty and would love to own one but dont know anything about them?? could anyone give some idea of what they are like, temprement housing needs how big they get handleable? do they need humidity? and where we could...
1-6 of 6 Results