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green lizards
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    These are CB 2014 Green Lizards Suitable for indoor vivs, or outdoor. Quite a large lizard, especially the males, with very beautiful markings and can become extremely tame.
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    If you are going to Kempton Park and looking to sell lacerta bilineata or viridis, please let me know. Thanks G
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    Captive bred this year grown on al lot since hatching , ready to go outdoors adullts live outdoors all year and thrive £15 each , can have an educated guess on sexes , as patterns are starting to show
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    O.K. I have now discivered what the green lizard I had as a child in the 60's was...A european Green Lizard I have put it in the search and it won't come up,why?Doesn't anyone have them any more?
1-4 of 4 Results