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green tree pyhton
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    Hello RFUK members, just wanted a quick product safety check, the other day I picked up a can of Water Based, quick dry, Minimal Voc 0-0.29% , non drip satin jet black paint link below. Would...
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    1.1 Angolan python, male CB 13, female CB11, £700 1.1 Aru Gtp both CB 13, £600 1.1 Orange head sumatran short tailed python, £350 1.1 Blood python, CB14 Matrix, 100% het albino T-, £650 1.0 sumatran short tailed python Cb 13 £120 All eating defrost rats/ mice and all shedding as they should...
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    Biak Male Defrost eater Normal attitude for a GTP Gravesend
  4. Snake Classifieds
    looking for a female and a male gtp have cash waiting so what you got :2thumb:
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    REPTILE KINGDOM! Livestock 29/06/12 The shop expansion is underway so this list is going to get a lot bigger soon, as lots more viv’s and incubator is full! So keep an eye out for new arrivals and pics. Check out the list below and if anything takes your fancy message us or give us a call on...
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    Hi Peeps a little help please, Ive brought my self a Biak that i feel is in a bit of a bad shape. To start with its 20mth old and never been handled which in the world of GTP's is a bad way to start. He had just shed which was clumpy and bits all over him(zoo med repti shed has helped) It was...
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    Picked up this girl last weekend. Really pleased with her she took her first meal last night, a large weiner rat. Thought id stick some pics up. She is weighing in at 625g empty and is about 3-4 years old. Up until about 5 months ago she was still bright yellow, no...
1-7 of 7 Results