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  1. Habitat
    I was wondering if there's any objections as to mixing grout and exo terra red desert sand together? or do the grout need to dry first, before applying the sand (as a last finish, we're also using pigments and stuff) with adhesive of some sort?
  2. Habitat
    I've been looking at threads on backgrounds and they mention grout. Is this tile grout or construction grout?
  3. Snakes
    Hey, as some of my snakes are outgrowing their hides, I bought some cat litter trays to make into hides. Now they're good sizes and will definitely do, but I'd rather have them look a bit more natural looking, and as im rubbish at DIY, ive come on here to ask you guys, how can I make them look...
  4. Habitat
    Hi all got a tub of this yesterday for 4.50 and it is brilliant. Mix with a bit of water to het the right consistancy and it drys rock hard one coat of this is as hard as two or three normal grout in my opinion. And to make it even better it is acrylic as well. Will post pic once dry but...
  5. Habitat
    Hi all, today i had a brief wave of inspiration and started carving a polystyrine hide for my corn. I have it pretty much how i want it and have used silicone to glue some parts together, but where do i go from here? I have read about using grout next but is it essential? Can i just prime/paint...
  6. Habitat
    well i should be getting the wood to build my new 5ft x 3.5ft x 2ft (HxWxD) vivarium for my frilled this weekend so iv started to prepare some of the little polystyrene bits ive made and lined shelfing with to make it looks more realistic.. my question is, how long should i wait between coats of...
  7. Habitat
    Hi, I'm in the process of doin a 3d background just not sure of the best way to apply the grout to the polystyrene? Thanks
  8. Habitat
    Hiya, I just bought some grout from B&Q and was wondering if it is suitable for a fake rock build inside my beardies vivarium. If it's not safe, I can buy a different brand tomorrow. Ofcourse, I will let vanish it and leave it a few weeks before I put it into my beardies viv. Thankyou UniBond...
  9. Habitat
    What make grout do I get for fake rock back ground, preferably from b&q
  10. Snakes
    hi I am going to be building a background for my ball python and i know that you make it with polystyrene and then grout it and varnish it but i have a few questions ! 1. what order do i have to do these steps for instance do i need to varnish it before or after i paint it? 2. do i have to...
  11. Habitat
    Hey I've just finished grouting my fake rock for my bosc's viv and I was just wondering what is the best finish to put seal the grout?
  12. Habitat
    I'm making some ledges, backgrounds, rocks etc out of polystyrene for my cresties. My question is, is it okay to use plaster instead of grout?
  13. Habitat
    Good morning, I have decided to make some fake rocks for a new leopard gecko tank, and have been looking around forums for some ideas. I have created the shapes using Space Board and Jablite polystyrene, and have covered the shapes with Unibond floor tile grout (grey). Am now in the process of...
  14. Habitat
    Im currently making a list of supplies/designs for my new viv build. Im liking the look of all the fake rock backgrounds people are making and was wondering if I was to use waterproof grout how water proof is it, is there still a need to seal it? This may well be a stupid question, but I just...
  15. Habitat
    Hiya, I'm just wondering can this be used for fake backgrounds:{9372013}/categories%3C{9372031}/categories%3C{9372100}/specificationsProductType=grouts I've used ready-made grout...
  16. Habitat
    hi guys, i am making some fake rock, just wondering what people think the best type of grout to use is and what has worked well for you!! all ideas appreciated!!!
  17. Habitat
    Hiya, Just wondering if I added acrylic paint to grout to colour it, would it ruin the grout, and would it work? Has anyone tried it? It would be for my fake rock build. Thanks, Gemma
  18. Habitat
    hi my name is george im new here and will use this thread to just quickly saying hello :) as this should be an ongoing thread for the build process i took for my 4ft x 2ft x 2ft vivarium / background project :) i have no reptile as yet but will very shortly have a baby beardie :D so if theres...
  19. Habitat
    Hi, I'm looking to extend the life of my Wooden Vivariums as i'm planning to keep lizards as well as snakes, but knowing that loose substrate isn't that great or practical in some cases. I'm planning on creating a new base for my Vivexotic Vx36 with a big enough lip to allow for at least 2"...
  20. Snakes
    been doing some jobs today and ive got some bathroom tile grout spare .. thing is it said it contains fungicides ... is it safe to make hides out of if i seal them after?? just looking around and it seems even normal grout has fungicides in and i know lots of you use that
1-20 of 23 Results