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gtp pics
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    1st up is my cb11 male carpondro next is my cb11 male sorong gtp then my cb08 female sorong gtp now for my 2 pick ups from today 1st is a cb12 male jaya gtp and a cb12 female jaya gtp
  2. Snake Pictures
    got a few half decent pics of my little GTP the other night so thought i would share, "she" is such a beautiful little snake! and doing extremely well....feeds like a trooper, and seems to be growing pretty fast too...i can already see a real difference in her size and not had her all that long...
  3. Snake Pictures
    well my little yapen island GTP was looking hungry this morning, and after only getting him/her yesterday i didn`t expect it to feed...but thought i would offer anyway! and WOW what a feeding response! :lol2:....only a tiny little thing still...but certainly was fun to watch...
  4. Snake Pictures
    one of my new additions...a young Yapen GTP, stunning little guy/girl! and very photogenic too...but didnt mess about too much so as not to stress him/her out....i always said i loved GTP`s but wouldn`t keep them! but this little one has REALLY sparked my interest! taken the plunge...
1-4 of 4 Results