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    Hi, My GTP laid a few eggs today - couple of good ones, a few that seemed to be duds, but she still seems rather large and although she has sort of gone into a 'behive coil', she seems awkward and not how she should be. Is it possible they can have a 'break' from laying and then resume...
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    How often do you all feed your GTPs? Mine was eating once a week fine when I got her(xl or large mice) and wouldn't bother me when I was cleaning her vivarium on non feeding days, but its seems more and more now whenever she even sees me she get excited and if I open her vivarium she darts...
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    CB 2016 Jayapura Green Tree Python (Parsley) Unsexed Purchased from Snakes & Adders in 2016. Hi, I am having to re-locate and therefore need to re-home my Green Tree Python (Morelia Viridis), affectionately named Parsley. A lovely green colouration, with some nice blues & a yellow/white...
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    4 year old male 'designer' Green Tree Python with awesome blue dorsal line. UKCB bred by Luke Woolfenden. More details available about lineage on request. Never missed a feed. Comes with full records. Any questions, just ask.
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    Is there any GTP babies available in/to Scotland at all? Thanks
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    Hi all. I'm looking to add to my collection from donny. Is anyone taking any gtp neo's to the show ? Any local considered really. Also. Is there anyone taking any diamond pythons ? I'm based in Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire & don't mind traveling for the right animal. Thanks. Jase.
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    Hi guys. I have what I believe to be a gravid female GTP that is at 22 days post pre-lay shed but hasn't laid yet. It's been a strange process breeding her this time round (I bred her for the first time last year, with just one fertile egg and 12 infertile or slugs). She was bred several...
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    So i know they do this at times but anyone else had theres on the floor of there viv for any given time? Our boy aas this morning after a vic change etx and wondering if we should put some thinner perches in for him..currently have natural wood ones.
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    captive bred now 5 months old and growing fast 6 available
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    Snakes CB12 Biak GTP - probed as female - £500 Pair of super Dwarf Retics CB13 and CB14 (Male Lav albino and female het albino) - £1,500 - Bred first time this year with 10 healthy eggs. Vivs available below. Rein Snake - Rhaninophis Frenatum CB16. Unsexed Vivariums 6 X...
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    Here is my 2014 male Manokwari up for sale with pro cages viv, guarded reptile rag and B2NE stat. He has beautiful blues coming through now. Sexed via shed skin. Feeds on large mice no issues at all. Would be willing to split equipment and animal if need be. Collection from...
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    Hey everyone - I am sadly looking to rehome a CB18 Green Tree Python. Yellow in colour, eating, pooping and shedding regularly. Priced to sell - can provide additional information / photos etc if genuine interest is shown. Thanks
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    My female GTP is soon to lay eggs within the next 1-2 weeks. The nest box was added to her cage a week ago, she's been in and out several times since. I am going on holiday this week (a pet sitter is calling round to spray them a couple of times). My issue is: do I seal the female inside...
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    Green Tree Python (Morelia viridis) CB 2016 sub-adult, bred in Germany (with paperwork). Excellent feeder on defrosted mice. Strong blue dorsal stripe (unusual for Aru), with intermittent white spots. High yellow siblings in clutch. Suspected female but not yet probed to confirm. Can be...
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    Hello! I'll be attending the June Doncaster meet and I'm looking to purchase either a GTP or an ATB hatchling (I'm undecided on which species takes my fancy). Does anyone know of any breeders with hatchlings available of either species? Thank you!
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    1.1 GREEN TREE PYTHON (Morelia viridis) - UNRELATED - EU BRED, 2016 + PAPERWORK 0.1 Sorong £450 CB 2016 France + paperwork. Vet probed as female. Electric blue dorsal line. 1.0 Jayapura £450 CB 2016 Belgium + paperwork. Sibling of high yellow, lots of blue on sides. 1.1 PAIR £850 Both calm...
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    due to unforeseen circumstances I'm going to have to let go of my 4 gtp's. there is one male manakwari 2 female of the same and 1 female biak. would love for someone to take them all as a breeding project. they range from 4 to 6yr old. any questions just ask.. thanks
1-17 of 500 Results