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  1. Habitat
    So this is the vivarium I inherited when re-homing the juvenile bearded dragon, it originally had a soil/sandy substrate that I have swapped out for some lino. Are the lights setup correct and you can see the termostat sensor hanging from the ceiling is this in the correct place? I have bought a...
  2. Habitat
    hey guys im trying to set up a common boa vivarrium, basically i have a 3ft x 2ft x 2 ft struggling to get humidity up in there and the gradient right... im after 88F at basking side and 79f - 80f at cooler end and humidity at atleast 55% - 60%...but so far struggling...i have a...
  3. Habitat
    Hello Everyone My current situation is, i have my young female Brazilian Rainbow Boa noodles in a Really Useful Box. It is 71cm x 44cm x 31cm (64L). It holds humidity so well and temperatures are maintained very easily and accurately using floor and side mounted heat mats controlled by a stat...
  4. Snakes
    Hi All, I have recently rescued an ATB - to be honest I haven't done much research on the species, just the basics. I had brought him/her for £10 with viv, the people who sold me the snake and setup delivered it to me on the day of enquiring. The viv has had to be left out side due to the...
  5. Lizards
    i was just wondering before i order a vivarium would this one be a ok size for a desert iguana?
  6. Planted Vivariums
    Hi, This will be the new home for my pygmy chameleon's one day. My first build and done on the cheap but working well. I intend to place two or three females in there. Dimensions are, with bottom, 2 meters high, sides are 50cm and front 75cm. A friend made the corner unit for me. I did...
  7. Habitat
    Where's the best place to get some compost worms for my vivarium?
  8. Habitat
    ok, we have a amazing thread of inspiration, so what has come of it? post up some pictures of naturalistic setups. give people some ideas how to bring the beutiful pictures in the natural habbitat pictures into thier rep rooms.
  9. Lizards
    Hi all, Just got myself a pair of African thick toed tiger geckos, the guy in the shop said a peat and moss substrate with plenty of foliage. Every where I've looked on the Internet says they should be on sand with plenty of rocks, anyone had any experience with these?
  10. Habitat
    Hi guys, I will soon be moving my Common Boa into the gift shop at work, and although her vivarium is nicely done I really want it looking natural. could any one suggest any easy ways to make a natural jungle looking back drop/anybody who custom makes these? I have tried making a custom bath...
  11. Habitat
    Does anyone know if there is somewhere in SE England that sells cork bark? I want to make a basking area for my turtles and need a piece of bark 15" wide by 8" minimum.
  12. Snakes
    I mean in the wild surely temps vary greatly, even like say the desert, high temps all day, then a massive drop at night. So with such daily extremes why are captive snakes temps so particular, I know there is a hot and cool end in a viv but no where near the diffrence they would experience...
  13. Habitat
    hiya guys, want to make some polystyrene creations for my beardie tank and my leopard gecko tank and possibly my future crestie tank. could anybody link me some pages to cheap polystyrene panneling. thanks.
  14. Habitat
    Yesterday as some of you may know , i bought some green and black dart frogs so i asked my dad if i could do the tank out,and i did a pretty good job so today me and my dadtackled the rest of the tanks and here they are...... so far! Here is the d auratus tank :D here is the six foot tank ...
1-14 of 14 Results