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habitat backgrounds
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  1. Habitat
    Which of the following would be best for attaching tree fern panels to the back of my vivarium, and for securing some cork bark and vines inside, or do i need a combination: (its for a CRESTED GECKO) Gold Label Pond And Aquarium Sealer Clear 290ml Gold Label Aquarium Silicone Sealer Clear 75ml...
  2. Habitat
    hi people i have been looking at all the fake rock backgrounds some real good looking stuff:2thumb:, but it brings up a few questions for me: a lot of people use polystyrene, acrylic paints, clear varnish, but do theses products not give off fumes under heat or light exposure. also has anyone...
  3. Habitat
    hi there im starting a rock wall build this week, ohh noo. i was just wondering if anyone has created something they are really proud of and would like to share it with us maybe? :D
1-3 of 4 Results