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halloween harlequin
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    My beautiful Halloween baby ready to go at 4.1g! eating well on Pangea and crickets I can hold for £20 non refundable deposit and courier at buyers expense! (Although I am attending Donny show) any questions just ask x :flrt::flrt:
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    For sale I have an adult female Halloween Crested gecko. She readily feeds on all flavours of Repashy Crested Gecko diet, and accepts all livefoods I have tried with exception of Locusts. The picture shows her finishing a shed, yet does not show her fully fired up and does not capture her...
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    Pumpkin is a 12 month old crestie & fires up nicely. He is friendly & awesome to hold. I do not have digital scales so cannot advise on weight. He comes with a full set up (Exo Terra tank 45W/45D/60H) & accessories - including Mag Naturals feeding shelf, feeding containers, heater &...
  4. Lizards
    I bought this male Crestie as an Extreme Harlequin. This is him before he was put in his viv when i got him home.... He's not fired up in these pics. He tends to hide away until it's all dark, i haven't disturbed him except to spray the viv each night & to feed him his CGD. Tonight he...
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    Crazy how they change from pale gray and BRIGHT orange to dark chocolate and BRIGHT orange. Pics dont really do him justice .. my lil man oscar. Unfired: Sorry its a tad blurry Fired: He's much much better in the evenings. But i just wondered if anyone knows of any tricks to, like Entice...
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    Stunning, fed on repashy superfoods and cricket's, ready to breed this season.
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    As above, will consider anything so you've only to ask. Enquiries should contain the following. Age Weight (taken within a week.) Diet (Types of CGD, fruits and live items) Pictures (Recent shoots, both lateral[Side] and top/bottom/front/back.) I would prefer within 100miles of NG4, but...
  8. Lizard Pictures
    Wanted to share these :welcome: thanks for looking got eggs cooking from the pair pictured, if anyone wants to get a hold of some halloween babies
  9. Lizard Pictures
    Who likes halloween harlequins then? Female hold back, I smile everytime i check this one out! shes not even fired up here :) goes pitch black. some blury shots :lol2:
1-11 of 11 Results