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  1. Snakes
    Hi there, I am just looking for some kind advice about young corn snakes. I got my first corn snake about 3 weeks ago and he is around 3 months old. I gave him time to settle in and he has had a couple of feeds, I have also handle him a few times and he has been active at night. But the past...
  2. Newbie Advice
    Afternoon Folks, Its that time again - silly questions from a newbie who is trying to do things correctly. :2thumb: I just wanted to ask peoples opinions about handling. I have a 4 month old corn who is settling in great - eating and shedding just fine. How often and how much handling is...
  3. Snakes
    I've given the little guy (a 6 month old corn snake) the best part of a week to settle in and have successfully fed him for the first time a few days ago. I thought all was well and he seemed to be a chilled out little guy so I went to pick him up. I didn't grab him, took him from the side...
  4. Snakes
    Hi everyone, still on my pre-snake research and i think i've nailed the habitat. now a few questions on handling... i'm assuming that if the snake in inactive or in the hide then it wants to be left alone. is the best time to handle when the snake is active of it's own accord? this may seem like...
  5. Snakes
    ive just got a 3month old corn snake. does it matter how often i handle it in a day? it dosnt seem stressed at all when being handled.
  6. Snakes
    Hi all, I purchased an adult corn snake just before xmas 2008 from a shop, who said it is about 18 months old. It's a corn snake, orange in colour, red eyes (albino). I am a complete newbie to handling snakes, hence I was advised to get a corn as opposed to anything else. To begin with he...
1-6 of 6 Results