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harlequin crestie
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    For sale is my last 2 juvenile crested gecko's (born december 2013). These were my hold backs from my extreme harlequin adults who come from lilly exotics. They are stunning examples and feeding well on crickets, dubia roaches and repashy. I am interested in swaps / part ex for milk snkes...
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    Hey Eveyone, so ive decided to write up my full collection along with setups and general what not. I hope you all enjoy the pics and get some ideas and stuff for setups etc. If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop a line :) cheers guys Quinn - Male Pinstripe Harlequin, 10...
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    We have this great looking Male crested gecko available. £70.00 He is an adult and a proven breeder and in fantastic condition - he weighs 40grams with tail intact and never had any issues with eating. He is a great looking gecko and fires up black at night :gasp: He has produced Blondes...
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    Hi All, I have this little chap available. Definitely a male and he is 7 months old. I was hoping he would be a she as he is a stunning little Crestie but it wasn’t to be. Great contrasting colours on this juvenile. Please note this is NOT a little hatchling. Chocolate brown base colour with...
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    Six months old with a great head structure,so looking like a male.Fires up very dark.He came from a chocolate harley female x light harley male. Feeding well on crickets and either repashy or clarks. Looking for a sensible offer on this little cracker.:2thumb:
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    im looking to buy a halloween harleyquin crestie. was wondering if anyone was selling and for how much?
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    Female - Extreme Harlequin Hatched: 2008, UK. Breeding: Since 2009 - offspring are all bright harleys. £200 --------------------------------------------------------------- Pick from B29 Birmingham or PE3 Peterborough. Delivery possible anywhere in the midlands. Reply in the thread if...
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    I am selling these two cute baby harlequin crested geckos. Father is a pinstriped from Urban gecko. Can not tell what sex they are yet Two for £90 Also have other high end available. Pm for details
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    new thread for this fella with a pic :) he is a harlequin with no spots good size crestie he can come with or without his full exo terra set up hes very fast but loves to explore out his viv feeding on crickets locust and meal worms also likes his cgd £150 ono or swap crestie and set up for a...
1-10 of 11 Results